Davis Weather Station

I have a Davis Weather Station that I currently post the data to Weather Underground. I also use the smart weather tile in ST. I think that the tile is pulling data from Weather Underground, but from zipcode. Does anyone know any way to make it pull from a specific weather station, rather than the zipcode?

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I’m doing the same thing with a LaCrosse station and my Raspberry Pi. Wouldn’t mind integrating into SmartThings as well!

If you know your station id (I assume you can find that), use pws:{stationid} as your location.

  • This is based on the wunderground docs and not personal experience.

I’m not sure how things are updated, but it seems like it would be possible to make it talk directly to SmartThings too.

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Cool, that works. Thanks @Dianoga!

This worked great! Thanks @Dianoga

edit: NVM i got it… formating error. DOH!

Netatmo though?:wink:

Where can one find the ST weather tile or code to create the device? I keep finding links in the forums but they are broken end return to the main page.

@amunra333 You can add the weather tile using the IDE (ide.smartthings.com).

Go to the devices tab and hit the New Device button (top right). You can pick your name and such, but type should be SmartWeather Station Tile.

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That worked perfectly! Thanks Dianoga!

Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed. Now I just need to figure out how to get the tile to update on a regular basis without having to hit the refresh button.


You can install the “SmartWeather Station Controller” SmartApp from the Convenience category to get the Weather Tile to update automatically.

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@Dianoga I did as you suggested and it’s asking for a network id?? What such that be?

Network id can be anything. It’s a required field but doesn’t really have any use except for z-wave/zigbee/lan devices.

Thanks for your reply. I look at another post and found the answer. Again thank you.

I’m hoping to be able to get the actual amount of rainfall added into the Weather Tile, does anyone know if this is possible?

I’m working to keep my garden watering app from running if its already rained a certain amount, rather than how I currently have it, which is off of the possibility of rain.

Unfortunately, Device Types are still a bit beyond me :smile:

Any idea where the Station Controller has gone, Tyler?

Cool, this worked for me. Don’t know what to use it for yet…

Does this still work? I tried both of the below (replacing XXX with my 9 digit id in all caps) and didn’t get any results. I did confirm my zip code does work. What log were people looking at to see errors?


If you are referring as to what to type into the weather tile and your station is feeding The Weather Underground then the below format works


Thanks. With the reassurance I had the right format I went back and realized I had a O vs zero mistake. Fixed that and now its working. Last night I had stations near me reporting almost a 10 degree difference from the one closest to me and it was blowing up my window open/AC on alerts.