Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

Sorry for the ignorance, but I’ve been through the thread and can’t find this. where do I find the data-device number, or unique identifier for the tile I’m looking to modify? I was in IDE and looked at my device list, but there doesn’t seem to be a column of data-device. the closest is device network ID, but some have long ID numbers and some just have a “03”. Can I use the display name somehow to call out a change to the tile?
For an example, say I have a “Front Porch Light” device, with device ID “03”, no zigbee ID number. how do I identify this in the CSS to change the background color?

When you go into the device you want it’s going to be the last part of the url.
I don’t remember exactly what the url looks like but know it’s in the end of the url. If you can’t figure it out let me know and when I get to a computer I can tell you exactly.

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What is everyone using to display the SmartTiles.click in full screen mode AND lock the tablet down to just displaying the Smarttiles.click URL? I am using an Android tablet and toying around with Kiosk Lockdown browser which does isolate everything on the tablet to just one web page and locks out every other function. The free version lacks the ability to remove the upper browser status bar and the lower HOME, BACK, and REFRESH buttons.

Any other options worth looking into?


I might end up purchasing SureLock, but it’s $35. I’m interested in what everyone else is using as well

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Check into Kiosk Lock Down Browser if you are using an Android Device. I have tried a few different options and that App does lock down all facets of the device. I thought that 8 dollars was steep for the full version (which gives the enhanced features that I would need) , but compared to SureLock @ 35.00 its a bargain. :smile:

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That is a great option! What’s a good wake up screen app? I don’t have a proximity sensor, just a camera.

I have read about successful wake screen from camera motion detection with the use if this app

on Android Devices. It needs to be paired with the Tasker App and Secure Settings Plug in… To wake the device though using the Tasker plug in Secure Settings the device needs to be “rooted”.

See the 4th post on this Reditt Thread

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I just got my Smarttiles setup and I love it! I have a tablet coming next week that I’m going to mount and use for this and my AirPlay driven whole home audio.

My question is - and I searched but didn’t find the answer… Is there a way to make hello home modes as its own tile? IE one tile for goodnight, one for good morning, etc?

Also, one of my foscams is 960p so the ratio looks weird in Smarttiles, can I fix this?

Thanks so much!


If you want to trigger particular actions, you could associate them with (virtual) switches using “Switch Activates Home Phrase” app. It’s #31 on this list.


Thanks! I got it to work!

I have one more question! I am trying to make a second dashboard and I looked through github and can only find the code for an older version (ActiON) - can you send me a link to the code so I can make a second dashboard?


Ahhh nevermind - I finally got through the other thread (with 850 posts) to realize its now closed source. Man - I just ordered 4 tablets to set up too! Oh well, I will wait patiently for multiple dashboards - this is an amazing project and worth the wait! And of course I will be sending a donation!


You can setup Multiple Dashboards with smarttiles. I have. Just name one Upstairs, MasterBedroom, Or living room and add different switches, etc to them. Is this what you are referring to.

I am continuing to read through this thread but what I am trying to find is if there is any creative ways for wiring electric to mount a tablet on a wall? Or do most plug it in and leave it in a high traffic area on a counter or something? Thanks!

Huy–try these Magnets… https://www.apexmagnets.com/magnets/blocks
SKU# M34x34x116BL . They hold 5.2 lbs per Magnet.

I did something very similar to you but these magnets were so strong that I could place them behind the wall plate (http://tinyurl.com/od4gafv). Two magnets hold it so securely that I didn’t even bother adding a 3rd or 4th–infact I’m convinced that 1 would work just fine–though two help keep it straight. :smile:


Do you have any pictures of your install?

I actually got some cheapo Dragon Touch Android tablets from Amazon to use as controllers in the kitchen / bedroom and I’m looking for a decent mounting option as well.


I think you were asking me–if not, then apologies. Here’s some pics of the install:

I haven’t painted the cover plate yet–it’s paint-able and pre-textured–should blend right in with the wall.


  1. Wireless Charging Base - $25
  2. Wireless Receiver - $11
  3. 5V 2A USB Direct Outlet - $14
  4. Wall Panel - $14
  5. Magnets - $13
    *SKU# M34x34x116BL (buy the 10 pack, but you only need 2).
    **Another option is to use Velcro Strips - $4
    Total = $77 + time + pre-existing Kindle HDX (will figure out how to root it later)

You definitely need a hot & neutral behind the wall and a 6X9’ish opening. I had a pre-existing hole that was 5X7 and this particular wall-plate fit it. So long as you have power in the wall, it’s pretty easy… 1) Connected the USB/Power Outlet; 2) Removed the Casing around the Qi Charging Base; 3) Taped it to the Back, 4) Taped the magnets to both the Panel & the Kindle Fire HDX; 5) Plugged it in and set the panel into the wall.

Took me ~30 minutes… + an hour or two to troubleshoot the stupid Kindle… realized that if the magnets are too close to the volume button, they trigger it’s magnetic “screen off/on” feature that’s designed for magnetic cases. Just moved them an inch and it was fine.


Built my custom mount last night inspired by @huydnguyen as well! The magnets I bought were way too strong so I ended up popping 2 off and now it works much better. I wanted my plate to look as clean as possible so I mounted magnets under the plate and I am hoping I can paint the plate as well. I tested this out in my basement/theater first because I had an easy location where behind the mount is a closet that as outlets so it I didn’t need to add an outlet or box or anything. For my next one I will have to add a recessed usb outlet - I may actually not mount the next one - not sure if my wife will like the mount or not in our main areas. I personally like it in wall and clean but I need access to the tablets in most rooms so I may just be using a simple QI dock for the rest of the house… I went with the Galaxy tab s4 7’s because the size is great, you can find great deals on them, they are rootable and have IR built in so for my theater one I have smarttiles auto load when connected to the wall, then I have access to a remote (and also harmony remote) and then since I rooted it I have AIRPLAY access which my whole home audio is based off of. The one thing I didn’t like with smarttiles is I couldn’t get my 5 cameras to fit the screen with all the tiles to look clean so I got rid of those for now and will just use the blue iris app - maybe see if I can do a split screen when the tablet is mounted… ANYWAYS, here are the pics!


Glad it worked, mine lights red when nothing is attached to the mount :slight_smile: I ended up redoing mine with stronger magnets behind the plate like I originally did and works perfect and I also painted over it to match the wall colour. So it blends in really well now.


If Anyone needs a cheap tablet to run your SmartTiles dashboard. Take a look at this: (They will sell also at a discount in a 6-Pack with a promo code upon release)


Yep…new Amazon tablets look like a perfect tab for wall panels!