Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

Yeah, I get that stability/functionality/core functions needed to be the primary focus for actiontiles at launch. Not upset, hope you didn’t take this as a complaint. It isn’t at all.

I just hadn’t seen anyone in this thread post much since your release. I need to play around with actiontiles more for sure, it may work great for my main control panel without the customization I needed for the panel I needed for my basement. The issues I needed to address for my basement were that I needed a more visual representation of where all these lights were in the room. with 16 lights in one room a button name just doesn’t really give anyone (other than me) a real clue where the lights were in my setup. Its a rather unique situation for sure.

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Has nobody else been reading what has been said???

ActionTiles is replacing SmartTiles
SmartTiles is going to die a graceful death soon (TBD)

I have no insight into this process, but I almost guarantee you that SmartTiles will be disabled before ActionTiles has the CSS the 4% want. And then there be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Again, no insight, but I think 4% is rather low… There are folks like myself that copy & paste very well.



I personally like “floorplan” or even “photograph” based views, and these are a feature of more than one high-end control panel vendor.

ActionTiles has some of the underpinnings that could eventually allow us to tackle that market… But probably not at $23.99.

A case of 1 step forward, 2 steps back??
I think make SmartTiles completely free with NO further development & support, but do not disable it. Choice is the name of the game…


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That’s not an option for us.

You should probably demand a refund for your SmartTiles purchase.

SmartThings/Samsung are the ones that changed up Auth and caused a lot of headaches. ActionTiles isn’t part of the Smartthings product line and the developers aren’t getting paid by them. Yeah, change sucks, having to pay for things sucks, losing features suck but keep in mind all the community developed solutions are free or low price and the developers often only get complaints instead of thanks.

(I’m in no way tied to SmartTiles/ActionTiles/Samsung/any other community-developed solution. I just get annoyed when I see people complaining.)


I use SmartTiles just like you do. I have requested my code for ActionTiles, yet to be received. I use as much FREE as I can, but I am sure you don’t’ I’m sure most of the code you use you pay for, or ever better, develop yourself & selflessly share! But I digress…

I merely pointed out that many, many people are spending huge amounts of time & effort, and in some cases money (as in purchasing nice expensive tablets) for a product (SmartTiles) that’ll be dead in a matter of months & is being replaced by by what is, in its current incarnation, an inferior product from anecdotal evidence and comments made by users that have received a code to upgrade. [NOT me yet]


Why may I ask?

Im not sure 4% is accurate… one of the 5 biggests threadz on the whole of samsung smartthings community is this one . . . Which is about Custom CSS in smartTiles :wink:

I do feel the importance of this feature is the only thing that has been under valued in the launch of AT from ST . . . Just my honest opinion, it feels similar to the current Smartthings dilema, started off all open and everyone spent ages customising and developing and innovating, then out of the blue POW “we arnt interested in that for now, here is a much more closed option” the value was in the open and creative aspect for many i think

One thing i do know is you will make it work, just hope for your hard works sake, other dashbords dont see the gap thats now opened and use it to their advantage in getting a lead on this smart app sector.

Despite that very small downside - Great work on the new AT :slight_smile: looks ace - ps: nice logo :wink: haha

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It is. We have usage statistics from SmartTiles.

This also happens to be a thread that some people make a ton of posts in, not just 1 or 2 per person.

Also, keep in mind that the forum users are not the majority of ST users. There are a lot more ST users that DON’T use the forum than those that do. The average ST user has less than 20 devices. At less than 20 devices, they probably don’t need Custom CSS for their dashboard (or may not be technically inclined to use it).


So to address your point - no, I’m not a developer sharing my code (Although I do understand how helping others tends to be a thankless job, as you’ve probably noticed on some of the abandoned projects here on SmartThings forums where developers eventually decide it’s not worth it.) That said, I have donated to projects that I found valuable. More importantly, I am trying to get across that instead of posting what reads very much as a complaint you could have said something like:

“Thanks for all your time developing SmartTiles, it’s been very useful. I hope you can make Custom CSS a priority after the launch of ActionTiles.”

As to the huge amounts of money people are spending on the tablets, how much of that has gone to the developer? Why will people drop $1000 on hardware and then feel so entitled when it comes to the software side. I bet if people were willing to put additional money towards features they highly value, it could be raised on the priority list. Perhaps some sort of patreon where higher tiers get input isn’t a horrible idea. T

There is an alternative, open-source dashboard project. I do hope they do well, and I’ll probably check them out on launch. I’m sure they could use more developers or a donation towards their efforts if you feel that is a better direction. It takes time to implement features. Time doing that is time that could be spent doing paying gigs…

I realize you probably didn’t mean the tone of your original message to be how I interpreted it, but a simple thanks and some understanding for the people developing here would go a long ways, I think.

(PS, Yes, I think CSS Customization is awesome but I’d rather have a working solution without the smartthings auth issues.)


I find it interesting that you have already deduced the product to being inferior? I think the last I checked it was still being developed.
I could be wrong but Action Tiles was created / started because the developers felt the communities frustration with the loss of the old log in method. They understood the importance and the desires that the community wanted smarttiles to just work.

Sure there may be qualities that were lost either temporarily or permanently in the transition. After all it is still in transition. I know some will be happy just to be able to use their (expensive) tablets again. They had to quit using them due to the constant log in / log out issue.

I personally don’t know if I’ll use Action Tiles or not, but I will pay for it just to support the developers for trying to fill a gap and help me make my system work how I would like it to be and interact.


I wasn’t happy about the sudden death of ST either. I feel like I’m constantly on the verge of wasting huge amounts of money. For instance, I’m now moving to an all Wireless Sensor Tags setup. But they might simply go out of business. That would really suck. [Hopefully, if that happened, they’d release the web service code and I’d just run it locally. . . . I have no idea if they are successful or not. I’m just noting it as a risk. It’s a far, far bigger risk than the few cheap fire tablets I bought for Smart Tiles. . . .]

Since I don’t use custom css and I find many (though not all) of the custom css examples here to be beyond ugly, I don’t have the same complaints. With that in mind, I think AT is a far superior product. It’s so much easier to configure. (If they add the ability to copy panels and tilesets, it will be even easier.) The login problem is solved. It updates faster. The tile relabeling is nice. . . . [I was annoyed at the line breaks between panels. It limits their usefulness. But this will probably be solved.]

I’ll buy it. It’s half the price of a single switch.

This is one da.mn expensive hobby! And it requires way too much time maintenance coding. I’m now supporting two abandoned projects. How did that happen? I have real life things to do. And the car needs new brakes. . . .


WST From Cao has HORRIBLE support. Their products are inexpensive and often problem free, tho. That said, I’ve used them at three locations (my house and two datacenters. None of the locations have been problem free. (As in, tags just disconnect.)

Ya. I’ve heard that the support is nonexistent at best. . . .

I have around a dozen tags. I’ve had no problems once I get them configured. But n=1 here. So far, I’m very pleased. They’ve fixed a few bugs and things seem to just get better. I have my fingers crossed. . . . I had one tag disappear a while back. I reseated the battery and all has been well ever since. I’ll worry if it happens again. . . .

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If you are not using CSS, then I have no doubt the new ActionTiles will get far superior to SmartTiles. Its probably pretty close now, if you were only using vanilla SmartTiles. Its vastly easier to get going than smarttiles was when I first tried out smarttiles.

The limited functionality at the moment is a bummer, and some items are for sure needed. But you can tell based on the way they have it setup that features can be added to a pretty decent depth.

For instance right now there is a settings button at each level down to the button. Right now you can do very little settings to each item, but certainly with that level of granular settings you should be able to do a lot, if functionality is added of course. Since I’m not spying on their dev roadmap, I can’t say when or what, but there is certainly possibilities.

With that said. Currently I don’t like:
color/theme/button size can only be set at the panel level not at the tileset level.
Tilesets each occupy a line (or more) and there is tons of wasted space if your tileset ends at the beginning of a new line.
Tilesets can’t be arranged on the screen at all
Buttons can’t be reordered (alphabetical only ATM)
No custom anything at the moment (no icons, no colors, no borders, no color coded status/weather/etc)

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Unless I misunderstand… You’re just missing “Arrange Mode”. Please check out the Help page from Panel Builder.

Tiles and Tilesets can definitely be custom re-ordered!

Tilesets were created for that specific purpose, to be able to separate the tiles into groups. If you want one contiguous block of tiles place them all in one tileset. Or did I misunderstand your comment?

Tilesets can be arranged in any order you like. The title can be customized, displayed or hidden. If I’m not mistaken there are future plans to be able to arrange tile sets horizontally as well as vertically so they may be placed side by side.

Tile order is based on the order added. They can be arranged into any order you like. There isn’t a one click method to sort them alphabetically, but when adding they are presented alphabetically in the selection process.

Yep found the “arrange tiles” functionality. Without hijacking or devolving into a tangent on action tiles, I’ll leave it at that…

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