Dashboard suddenly not showing status

I created an edge driver for a switch that has been working well for few months. Yesterday, I noticed the Smartthings App dash board suddenly started showing the device status incorrectly.

instead of “On” or “Off” it’s showing




Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 11.56.51 AM

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks. I didn’t notice there was already a similar post.

Looks like others are suddenly seeing the same issue. Hopefully someone from Smartthings can provide some insight.

Turns out the problem is related to the known issue in the latest firmware.

My LAN driver wasn’t getting status updates due to the known issue above. I switched to using cosock.spawn as suggested and everything seems to be working good again.

Hello, I just wanted to follow up on this post where you are reporting inaccurate values of capabilities in the device cards on the app. We believe that this issue has been resolved. Please let me know if you see this persisting as that would not be expected.

Thank you!

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