Dashboard shows Door Unlocked ( They are locked)

(Mcvoss) #1

So the dashboard shows 1 door unlocked, I have 6 on the syetem. All of them are locked, when I go to “Doors & Locks” it shows all of them locked (which is the correct status). This started happening 2 days ago. Why is the sahboard incorrect? I reset the hub same result. Any ideas?


(Beckwith) #2


Generally if you force stop your phone app they will get back in sync.

(Andrew Parent) #3

ive seen this before, its just an app problem. On my 4g phone, I see they update quicker than my WIFI tablet. I do see the icons wrong sometimes and panic, thinking ive left my front door open. going to the “damage and danger” to see them correctly. Probally get fixed sometime soon, but its happened less with the last update.

(Mcvoss) #4

That did it,