Dashboard has disappeared from android app

The ST Dashboard is no longer showing up in my Android app. It goes straight to SHM. If I try to back out, it just loops back to SHM.

Had a lot of trouble with the app last night, including difficulty in turning off lights. I would trigger the operation in the app, and it could take a minute or more for the action to take.

The latency effect isn’t unusual, but the disappearing dashboard definitely is new. This is on three separate Android tablets (one phone), running diff Android versions.

I think what you are describing is normal behavior for the lastest version of the Android app (2.0.6) if SHM was the only thing on your dashboard.

From the 2.0.6. Release Notes: [quote]Feature Improvements:

  • Carousel of images auto advances pictures in device getting started experience
  • Device name that is saved during device getting started experience should now consistent on all subsequent getting started screens
    - Show single solution module if there is only one on the dashboard
  • When user clicks “Select a room” in device getting started experience - dynamically display “Add devices to room” option if option is available
  • Added a password confirmation field
  • Picture taken are now be saved to the device [/quote]

Guess I didn’t notice it until last night, when I was having so many problems turning out lights. Thanks for pointing this out.

Improvement? No, not really. The Android back functionality seems to freeze up, or try to return me to SMH rather exit the app. That, I don’t remember. Click the back button, SHM reloads. Click the back button, SHM reloads…repeat. Unless you click it twice in a row, quickly.

No one liked all that white space in the Dashboard, but what we wanted was the ability to add new material, not brokenly bypass it.

But thanks for explanation.