Dashboard extemly slow

Just set up everything and have around 25 devices connected with my hub.

My dashboard is not usable … it’s very slow and most of the time will just display a white screen or stay on “Loading…”

I’m trying to understand what causes the dashboard to be so slow, but I cannot see anything from the live log that would explain such a loading time.

Sometimes the dashboard can load in 4-6 seconds, wich is “ok” but not great… but 90% of the time it will take 2-3 minutes to display.

Is it the case for everyone or just in my environment ?

Btw i’m running android on a One Plus 2 device running 2.2.1-2

The web ui graph.api seems to be very responsive no matter what I browse, listing devices and states…

send a note to support@smartthings.com