Dashboard door status incorrect

Doors & Locks in the Dashboard regularly reports 1 of my 3 door sensors is open when all doors are actually closed. The Things section of the My Home tab shows all doors as closed. Force quitting used to get everything back in sync, but that is no longer true every time. I’m not sure if it’s the same door each time…trying to nail that down.

Any suggestions?

Old dashboard groups are not officially supported anymore and are super flaky. I just deleted mine and cleaned up. Sorry it’s not better news, but there is always the ST story something new is coming soon to replace it!

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+1 - deleted my legacy “Doors & Locks” for this reason.

I thought everything in the Dashboard section was relatively new? How do you add/remove sections from the Dashboard in the current version of the iOS app? Right now I see Home & Family, Doors & Locks, Lights & Switches, and Damage & Danger.