Dashboard - am I missing something?

Hi all.

I’m fairly new to ST. Got a bunch of lights and a few other devices and some virtual devices too.

For the Android app… My first tab dashboard only has one thing on it “Smart Home Monitor - unconfigured”.

Can I add my most used things to my dashboard as a less cluttered Things list?

At the moment, the whole tab seems a bit useless. Its only got one thing on it and I never click on it.

Am I missing something obvious about how to use the dashboard?

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Currently, that is the only thing on the dashboard, unless you have some carryover from the old app. There is supposed to be additional functionality added in the future there. Under the mail screen, you at least have the rooms area where you can group your devices along with the full things list


We are all “missing something”

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I too like to see a real dashboard, where, we can customize the view, on what we want to see at a glance, and what we want to turn on and off. Please have a dashboard, that works.

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How about SmartTiles.click?

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Yes SmartTiles is looking good, wish mobile platform it self mimic something like that, rather than a dashboard , which is not a dashboard.

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The SmartThings “Dashboard” pane is a placeholder for many, as yet unpublished, “Solution Modules”.

It’s a shame we have to wait for them; but, then again, with the product being still rather unstable, it’s best that new features are embargoed for a while.

Just like Community / 3rd party developed SmartApps and Device Handlers, I expect that SmartThings will come up with ways for Community Developed “Solution Modules” to be integrated into the mobile App. Someday.