Danfoss LC-13 E5 error constantly showing on official device handler


I have multiple Danfoss 014G0013 (SW 1.01) TRVs in two homes, and they all started to go into E5 error (thermostat not receiving expected replies from the control system. Check the z-wave controller is certified) when started using them with official danfoss termostat device handler provided by smartthings team.

I haven’t had this error even once when used custom device handler provided by community (@tommysqueak) in here, but sadly this handler is not working with new smartthings app.

Keep in mind that the problem is not with TRVs as they all worked perfectly fine before. I tried reincluding them again but it doesn’t help as they all go to same error anyway. Moving them closer to the hub is also not an issue as even the one which is about 3 meters from it also goes to same error.

Have anyone experienced same problem and found any solution?

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Hello. I have the same problem. They seem to affect each other. Try to find the one who has the problem and deactivate it. I have 3. After I disabled the one with the error, the others worked ok


I have same problem, but only on 3 thermostats out of 9.
The 3 thermostat than come with E5, is the devices that are located longest distance from the hub, and are routing through other devices.
It does not matter if sw are version 2.51 or 1.01 in the thermostat.
I wrote to Samsung support, and they suggested to remove the app and reinstall the app on the phone……
I don’t believe that this help, as the app is only remote for the cloud, and have nothing to do with communication between hub and devices!


Same problem here.
I have 5 of these Danfoss LC-13 thermostats at home.
3 out of 5 Show the E5 error code. 2 of them works as nothing has happaned and. The remaining two are online and stable in the system.
But the other three always go offline with the E5 error.
Sometimes each goes back online, I can change the temperature, but suddenly these three became offline again.
I installed a z-wave range extender from Aeotec, if the signal path or strenght are not appropriate.
Nothing has changed.
I have no idea why thrre of them go offline with E5 error and why the remaining two works just stable and fine.
I tried to reinstall the app, I used the app from iphone or Samsung tablet, but that is not the issue.
I excluded and included them from the z-wave network. But in some time they go back again to E5 error state.
I tried to pair them with iphone or Android tablet and phone. It’s all the same.
It seems sometimes when I pair one of them again, it has affect the others ones and the others have E5 communication error.
It is like they collide with each other.
I bought them at once two years ago. I haven’t checked the firmware version of the thermostats, but probably the two ones working fine have different version, and the thermostats having communication issues have other versions of firmware, that is not really compatible with the present HUB firmware or built-in device handler.

Need help,

I have the same problem like you guys.
6 LC13 thermostats but 3 of them are showing E5 after a while…

Same here :frowning:


Exactly same problem here.

I have 4 termostats at home from few years, all of them were working extremely stable. Since this year they start to work extremely not stable. In my case standard reporting interval for termostats is 5 min (kind of Danfoss recommendation). Due to some reason, after few days one of termostat is loosing connection with Hub in standard 5min interval, then switching to default 30 min reporting interval in case of wrong communication with hub and finally showing E5 error. The issue is happening randomly at all of termostats.

I found out, that when I see this error in App (advice not available, or some similar massage) I’m restarting Hub, then after 2-3 min setting new temperature, and within next 30 min communication is coming back to normality (standard reporting interval 5 min). Of course after few days it collapse again in same way, at same, or other termostat.

Reseting of termostats to factory reset, repairing z-wave network in not helping at all. Reinstalling App at mobile of course is not working.

This is starting to be annoying. I assume Danfoss LC-13 is still ofically supported so should wrok I guess.

Any ideas how to move forward this topic, or get some help to solve it.


No solution yet? I’m facing the very same issue with most of my LC-13.

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Yup, it’s start to get a bit chilly without those TRVs working…

Same here, all my Danfoss go to E5 after certain time. My Devolo ones with custom DTH work fine.

Hello Kai_Lenk,

I’m struggeling with my Devolo Thermostats. The ST receives the temperature and the manually set (using the device buttons) heatingsetpoint, but when I try to change the heating setpoint using the ST-App, a network-/server-error occours.

Which custom dth is working with your devolo devices?

Best regards

Hi Matthias,
actually I can’t tell you the DTH I’m using, as I can’t see my location nor my devices in the IDE.
ST Team is already checking what’s the issue and I hope they can fix it. After I’ve gained access again, I can tell you.

Hi Kai,

thank you very much for your reply.
I hope, your problems to access the IDE will be fixed quickly.

At the moment I’m using the Z-Wave Thermostat DTH, which comes with ST for my Devolo devices. But there seems to be a problem sending commands via ST, I guess it’s a timeout caused by the Wake-Up Intervall of the Devolos.

I also tried the Popp Thermostatic Radiator Valve DTH by rockberte, but this failed too.

So, I’m looking forward to get the name of the DTH, which is working fine for you.

Good luck and best regards

Try this edge driver Z-wave thermostat. Works for me.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the hint. All of my 7 TRV’s still online since almost 24 hours.

Hakixx, assuming they’ve stayed working, what was the trick to get them working again?

I’ve raised a ticket back in November and pointed to this thread but ST Support want to go through phone/app troubleshooting first, which is low on my priority list so the ticket keeps timing timing out.

How did you get the Smartthings hub to pick this edge driver?
I uninstall my LC-13 after I enrolled and installed the edge driver on hub, and then connected my LC-13 again.
It just take the old device handler again, instead of installed edge driver……

Hi - Did you make it work.
I can’t even find my termostats in ST…?
Wich Divicehandler did you use?