Danfoss LC-13 e1 error code

(Jesper) #1

Hi all

One of my Danfoss LC-13 valves is displaying the e1 error code. As far as I can tell, it is a transmitter error. I teied to exclude it, but couldn’t. I have factory reset it, and deleted it in the HUB.

I can’t add it again though :confused:

All the other valves works as they should, and have done so for about a year.

What am I doing wrong?


(Simon C) #2

Did you find out what went wrong?

I’m having the same issue. Keep getting E1 error and hub doesn’t seem be able to find the thermostats. (4 out of 9 having the same issue…)

I swear they worked fine before spring time…tried everything from repairing zwave to resetting the trv to factory mode. They are all ver 1.0 as with the other 5 that are working…

Can’t find it as a device on new app either…