Danalock V3, Zigbee, it is protected, I can not create a "rule"

can someone help please?
I have successfully installed the Danalock V3 Zigbee and it works alone.
But I can not create a rule. The Danalock is protected.
I want to open the Danalock with a wall switch.
Can I turn off or bypass Danalock protection?

If you’re using the new app custom automation creator , this is a SmartThings restriction on all locks. For now, you can use the classic app routines function to do this.

Thank you, unfortunately I am very inexperienced.
What is the “classic app routines function”?
Is there a solution to my problem?
I installed a Xiaomi sensor with the help of Github. Is that the way the classic app routines function?

In your phones App Store, search “SmartThings classic”, install, choose new user and then login with your normal Samsung credentials.

Thanks, I could find that. Please help me. I now have the front door sensor and the Danalock.
I want to create an automation now.
If front door sensor closed then Danalock open.How can I do that?

Thanks for your help. I have it set up now.