Danalock v3 - pairing issues

Danalock v3 z-wave - pairing problems

Trying to pair either via choosing Danalock or searching for the lock. Either way the lock is found but I can’t control it (lock/unlock). No problem with my old lock but that broke so had to buy a new. Can’t figure out why it isn’t simple to add.
It says “the unit hasn’t updated all its information, check late” (loosely translated from national language).

Looked under my Devices under smartthing.com. But the “device network is” is missing!

Can anybody help me? Thanks :pray:

Ok… start by using this tool in place of IDE in the future: SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

Next use it to find your lock under devices, tap on it, then select details and capture that screen for it and post.

Others will be able to help :slight_smile:

Looks like this is an S2 Security capable device and it was not paired with the hub securely. Note the ZWAVE_S2_FAILED. You need to exclude this device and add it via QR code or if you Scan Nearby, need to enter the DSK when prompted. Edge drivers are pickier about S2 security than the previous DTH implementations. If you have trouble getting it to pair securely, you may need to exclude the device and do a factory reset before trying to add it back in.

Tried earlier to delete vi IDE but when it was excluded via SMT and added again, via search, I could pair with the QR code👍

Can’t see why that didn’t happen the first time, thanks

Are you happy with this lock?