Danalock - auto unlock routine?

Thanks to @jkp & @RBoy I’ve managed to pair my Danalock with my ST hub.

I’m now hoping someone can help with a query I have.

The auto lock feature on the Danalock is patchy at best, and usually results in me waiting at my door for 30 seconds for it to work (it it works at all). I’m wondering if there is a way of setting up a routine for the ST hub to auto unlock based on something like the following:

Phone disconnects from home Wi-Fi & travels at least x metres from my home.
Phone reconnects to my home network triggering the unlock.

Would this be possible at all? Or any other method to achieve something similar?

Thanks for any input / thoughts.

phone sleeps most of the time and doesn’t really know how far are you.

with the screen off it doesn’t connect to any wifi.

it is possible to force the Android phone to sleep less, but it will reduce the battery life drastically

basically this is the reason why danalock auto-unlock feature doesn’t work the way you expect. both of the devices are battery powered .

From my experience Danalock wakes up every couple of minutes to check if there any commands there.

Enable location presence on your SmartThings mobile app and then use app or automation to lock or unlock based on presence.

If you have access to RBOYAPPS you can use LUM to create a presence based user which will lock or unlock the lock when the presence arrives or leaves (you can create multiple sensor options, like a spouses phone). Note that v3 doesn’t support remote programming

Thanks for the responses both.

Looking at the automations tab and then trying to add a routine, I can’t find a way to set it up so the below happens:

When anyone arrives home, the door unlocks i.e. it unlocks regardless of someone already being in the house. Any idiot proof tips please?

Also, it seems that the radius for ‘home’ can only be set to a minimum of 150m. if I am understanding this correctly, if I am able to set an automation as above (which I assume must be possible), that automation would run if I was to get within 150m of home? Given where I live, that could put me a little way from being home due to the nature of the development I live on. Am I understanding this correctly?


You can add a delay for the lock to unlock. I have a delay of 30 seconds. :slight_smile:

Mine is:
Open garage door
Unlock inner door with delay of 30 seconds

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Good call :+1:t4:

How would I actually set it up though? I can’t see a way of setting it in the ST app……

Does this look something like it should? Can’t see a way of adding a delay at all.

You can’t use a delay with a scene. You would need to add the lock to the routine directly. When you add the lock to a routine… on the screen where you select Unlock, there is an option to enable delay near the bottom where you can choose the amount of time.

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Thank you (again!). All set up now. I’ll give it a try in a bit.

Seems a real shame not to be able to set the home location to be more precise, 150m seems unnecessarily wide radius given my phone can pin point my location to a few metres! Assume there must be a reason for it though.