Danalock authentication fails


My Danalock was connected to my smartthings hub.
Today it disappeared from the hub.
I am trying to pair it back to the hub and I am asked to enter the PIN. When entering the PIN the “processing” indication start spinning and it is never finish. I can see the Danalock at the IDE buy is says S2 authentication failed.
What can I do?



just to check, you’re scanning the QR code on the lock or lock paperwork when it asks right?

Thank you for replay.

I tried scanning but the app says it can’t read the QR code so I entered it manually.

Is it OK that the numbers are 12345-12345…? The numbers should be the DSK code?

I read somewhere that when there are a lot of devices connected to the smartthings hub, the ub can’t connect to secure devices. Do you know something about it?