Danalock and Hub 2.0

I just update to the V2 hub today, when connecting my danalock i have problems, it connects but not working (the lock failed to complete the network security key exchange……)

Any ideas?

Try moving the hub and lock closer together. Failures related to secure inclusion are usually range or interference related.

I have already tried that :confused:

How close did you bring them? Did you attempt to exclude the device after the failure?

just in front of the hub (2cm) I’m excluding after and then conecting again( at lest 10+ times), it get conected every time but not working because of the failed key exchange.

Have you tried replacing the batteries?

quite new batteries but i will try to put in some new ones.

No luck with new batteries, tried 3 meter, 1 meter and 2cm from the hub.

Anybody have som idea for this problem? Suport want me to replace the hub, but the hub is no longer eligible for return to Amazon.com