Danalock alternative

Hey all!

I just found an alternative to Danalock’s lock… I’ll put it up here to see if any of you guys can find out if it might just be compatible somehow with ST… The first link is in spanish… sorry!


This lock, just like danalock, uses an app… both for iOS and Android…


Assa Abloy is Yale Locks. :sunglasses:

Looks like Tesa is one of their brands that is made in Spain and only sold in a few markets.

Danalock works with smartthings because it has a Z wave version. The Tesa looks like Bluetooth only, so at the present time it will not work with smartthings.

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Sorry about reviving this old thread…

Thanks for the answer @JDRoberts!

Smartthings’ v2 hub has bluetooth in it doesn’t it? Wouldn’t this be a perfect opportunity to test it out?

I’m looking for a multipoint lock that’ll work in Europe, Spain to be exact… all I see are deadbolts which obviously won’t work with my door…

If it also has a fingerprint o keypad accessory, that’d be a plus…

Any ideas now in 2017?

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth radio in the smartthings V2 hub is disabled and they have not given any indication of when or if it will ever be enabled. So you can’t use it at all. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ugh… why do companies include things in their products if they don’t intend on using them? Lol!

I’ll have to keep looking then…

Any ideas on a good multipoint lock (ideally cheap, lol!) for use in Europe?