Damage & Danger - Extreme Temperatures

(Jam Dawz) #1

Before the last iOS update, I had Extreme Temperatures in the Damage & Danger on the Dashboard set to monitor several of my Aeon Multi-sensors. Now, none of the Multi-sensors are setup. When I try to set them up again, they don’t even show as an available Temperature Sensors. Does anyone know why? Is this a known issue?

(Hans Holm) #2

My temp sensors aren’t working tonight either… Might be a temporary glitch in the system?

(Moderntechnologist) #3

My temperature from aeon multi’s are not working either. All are doing same thing. Blue with dash on icon, when drill down into activity, reports temp, then shows until refresh screen… Then blue dash again.

(Beckwith) #4


Same problem. Anyone report it to support?

(Jam Dawz) #5

Yes, it has been reported. I will report back once I have a solution.

(Jam Dawz) #6

This is a known issue and support is diligently working on it!

(Jam Dawz) #7

Support has fixed the problem.

(Tim Slagle) #8

@dawz2 who did they “fix” this for. mine still don’t work…

(Jam Dawz) #9

For me:
The problem occurred.
I reported the problem.
They told me they were already aware and was working on it.
They reported the problem was fixed.
I checked and the problem was fixed and still is.

Moral of the story: You should report your problem. Support is amazing.