Daily/hourly Energy monitoring incorrect since 000.50

I’m running a Tp-Link plug with BA LAN driver and since the latest firmware update, the figures for both hourly and daily energy reading don’t seem to reset themselves after hour/day, they just keep adding and adding.
The device only uses .48kWh per day, as you can see below, the graphs are totally incorrect.

Anyone else experiencing this?

A simple work around is a routine to reset energy consumption when ever you want. The following is an example.

Unfortunately im unable to set a routine like that.
The only option in routines I have, is to turn on/off with a reset energy consumption.
Obviously thus doesnt do whats needed

You can disable the on/off function by simply pressing the on or off button when creating the routine.

It doesn’t seem to work at all, figures in either consumption(hourly/daily) don’t reset.