D-Links cameras stopped working after last week Hub update

All 4 of my D-Link cameras stopped working in SmartThings after last week Hub update. It is showing “Inactive” in all of them since the Hub upgrade.

  1. Removed all the cameras from SmartThings Hub
  2. Restarted my wifi router
  3. Restart the SmartThings Hub by pressing the red button
  4. Reset 1 D-Link camera to the factory default
  5. Connect that camera to the router by using a wired connection with factory settings
  6. Use SmartThings Hub to add that camera.

Multi phones still exhibited the same problem. I had already reached out to the support and I am not sure how bad is the backlog nowadays. Hopefully I can get faster help from community than support as always. Thanks

Turnaround time for Support is less than a day. If you don’t receive an update from an agent by COB today, shoot me a DM with your ticket number and I will flag it.

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