D-Link DCS-2330L Camera Unavailable

I have a D-Link DCS-2330L camera and have connected it with ST.

It’s been working fine up until a day or so ago - now when I go to view the camera in the ST (Android) app, I keep getting “Camera Unavailable”.

The camera is working fine via the D-Link app (and website).

I’d removed the camera from ST app and re-created but no go - same results.

Any suggestions?


Further info:

When I view the device in the IDE, I constantly see “restarting” for switch, camera, and statusMessage.

In logging, it just loops “trace restarting” and "trace parse(VIDEO-CORE).

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I’m having the same issue here with a DCS-2132L.
Did you have any luck getting this fixed?


Was this ever resolved…I’m getting the error on my 2132