Cytech comfort alarm integration?

Hi All,

I have a fantastic home automation / alarm system called comfort from manufacturer cytech. This system is built with hardware addons one of which is a secondary z-wave bridge controller called a ucm-zwave. I have just migrated from a z-wave primary controller Vera which was able to download the z-wave network to the comfort UCM. This allows comfort to turn on lights etc depending on parameters such as security mode, time of day, light sensors, pirs etc.

When I include the comfort z-wave ucm in to the SmartThings z-wave network comfort only sees a pic controller and not the full z-wave network.

Any ideas how I can get the z-wave network downloaded on to my the bridge controller?

There is a few more steps I will need to tackle if I can get this to work but without the network info I can’t progress.

The other key factor is Comfort can create virtual nodes which can then be associated with Z-wave PIRs and sensors, so when they trigger the virtual node goes from on to off or vice versa. I am sure SmartThings should be able to handle this, but not sure how easy this is to setup.

Has anyone got any ideas how to transfer the network?
Has anyone got any ideas how to associate a virtual node to a sensor?

Best Wishes