Cycle smart bulb colors without WebCore?

With the Edge transition I’m not sure I can do this. Pre edge I’d have used a webcore piston to do this.

Basically i I want a color smart bulb to light various colors given different criteria:

If condition “A” (let’s just say a switch is turned on). is met, initially turn light yellow. If after 5 seconds “A” is still met, turn light green. If at any point “A” stops being met in the first 30 seconds, light turn red.

If/When “A” stops being met and it was longer than 30 seconds, Turn light blue.

Basically the light color is dependent on the time scenario of the trigger duration.

I can’t figure out how to do this without webCoRE.

When the Holiday Lights smartapp went away with Groovy I switched over to using a bunch of virtual devices/switches and SharpTools rules.

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I think it would take several Routines and the use of this driver Requesting EDGE driver to accumulate time (see post #11 for edge driver) - #11 by TAustin. I think you could do something like this:

If Condition A occurs
Turn light yellow
Reset condition counter
Turn on condition counter

If Condition A (pre-condition)
Condition counter is 5 secs
Turn light green

If Condition counter is < 30 secs (pre-condition)
Not Condition A occurs
Turn light red

If Condition counter is > 30 secs (pre-condition)
Not Condition A occurs
Turn light blue

You’ll probably want to turn off the condition counter after it reaches 30 secs in any event. Not clear to me if you would want to turn it off once the light turns to green or not since you have other scenarios that might occur after 5 secs and before 30 secs have elapsed.

Thanks. Yeah this looks like it has potential, but how the heck do I install this driver in ST? With this change over Im having to relearn how to do some of the more complex stuff.

Oh sorry. Didn’t realize that the post was missing a link to his driver channel invite. Use this link to subscribe to his channel and then choose Edge Counter Utility V1.1 driver to install it on your hub. The directions to use it are in the previous link I sent you.

Oh awesome! So installs just like a driver for any physical device being installed!

Yep. And just like drivers for virtual devices.