Customer Support - Returns

In the chance that customer support browses this board; my story:

So I got my entire order delivered a few weeks back. I chatted customer support asking if I could return the two presence detectors I had bought since I hadn’t realized I could use my cell phone for this. They emailed me a shipping label right away. After a few more days of using the system, I realized the functionality was very limited with certain devices and the software still very buggy (IMO).

I reply to the presence detector shipping label email asking to return the entire thing since I’m still within the 30 day policy. During the next week, I replied two more times asking to return the entire order stating that I think it has a ways to go. Still no answer. Finally, I send a new email referencing the old ticket stating that I got no response after a week and several emails. I ask again to return the entire order. A day later I finally get an email, apologizing for the delay and I see a shipping label attached! To my dismay, I open it to see it’s the same damn one referencing two presence detectors they initially sent me! Apparently they missed the part about wanting to return the entire order!!

So, two weeks after my first email and still no ok, and/or shipping label for my entire order. I understand you guys are busy and all, but really?! How hard can it be to send me a return label?

Idk why the shipping label would change returning 1 product vs 5. They are all going to the same place in the same box correct?

Well for one thing, the label they sent me has a notation about it being 2 presence detectors. Second, it says it’s one pound. If I return the entire order, it’s definitely over a pound.

I think you may be surprised how easily it ships out with what you have… if you put a note in the box requesting a full refund for your order i’m sure it will be honored, or you can wait a few more days for support to get back to you as they are currently swamped.