Customer support and overall system is awesome

I see negative comments and complaints all the time on these forums. While some may be well disserved I felt I must share a good experience instead. I have had the V2 hub up and running for a few months now and have only had one major hiccup. While it did take customer support two days to follow up on my ticket, it came with a sincere apology and near real-time email traffic back and forth. The problem was fixed and everything is back to normal. Thanks Nate Bentley

I may not have a huge system like some but it’s fun and very useful. I am running two door locks, a two zone HVAC system with CT30 thermostats, two door sensors, a couple GE dimmer switches and lamp modules as well as LanNouncer on my phones with SmartTiles. Our HVAC is fully automated to include shutting off when my kids leave the back door open. Outside lights come on when they’re supposed to provide my wife a safe environment when arriving at night. There are many plans in the future the system to include water sensors and more automation stuff. The key to this whole system is understanding that it is and must be addressed as more of a hobby then a plug and play high end contractor installed system.

Before you give up or waste forum posts bashing this product, please take the time to reach out to the community and share your problems and solutions.

SmartThings team and community members, Thank-you!


I forgot to mention, support was emailing me at 8pm eastern on a Saturday night while I was home drnking beer :smile: