Custom UI Manifest not working

I’ve created a custom device and everything is working as expected so I am now trying to change some of the labels in the detail view of my device. I downloaded the manifest json file (fOAq_mynewdeviceid_ui.json), made my changes and reuploaded it to the device profile and nothing seems to have changed. I even removed the device and added it back in the app and I still don’t see the label changes. How do I get label changes to show in the app? Are there additional steps? For example I want to change the default “Thermostat Heating Setpoint” to “Jaccuzi setpoint”. This is in the new app not classic.

Thanks in advanced.

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So I just checked my device in the app and it looks like the text automagically updated. So I guess the question now is, how long should it take after the manifest is uploaded to be applied and do you even need to reinstall the device for the changes to take affect?

This is essentially the same problem found with Groovy device handlers when trying to get changes to the definitions or changes to device presentations (UI manifests under a different name) to be detected by the app. You can usually force the issue with device handlers by updating something significant in the device in the IDE, but it has never been clear if you should need to and certainly the changes do sometimes turn up eventually.

As far as the end users are concerned it seems to be ‘no one knows’. Unfortunately, despite a year or so of prompting, no one at ST has ever let on that they know either.

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Hello @tacerra,

Currently, the changes in the device configuration presentation are automatically updated twice a day. The reinstallation of the device is not related to the update of the device’s UI metadata, what you experienced was the automated update.

If your modifications are not reflected after one day, please tag me (or @erickv or @fabiolav) and I can investigate more about the issue.

Looking ahead - our development team is working on options to more quickly update the device presentations.

Are these updates scheduled and if so could you let us know what the 2 times are in UTC that the update occurs?


Hello @tacerra,
This update is based on caching in the mobile client. An alternative can be forcing a refresh by clearing the app cache.

@nayelyz I did some updates to my custom capabilities and presentation. But they where not updated to the mobile app. I have been able to do this before but it does not work anymore. I waited several days but nothing happens. When I checked with the CLI, the updates were there but still not on the mobile app. I also tried renaming the device, renaming the DTH and also deleting and reinstalling the devices.

When this did not work I decided to delete and reinstall the Smartthings app. After I did that none of my custom capabilites on any of my devices worked anymore, also for the ones I made no changes to. Only standard capabilites are displayed. Even the custom capabilites from ST on the Smart weather station does not display anymore.

Edit: the dashboard tile displays the custom capabilites, but nothing in the detail view.