Custom Monitors in SmartThings Home Monitor No Longer Supported?

It does appear that the custom monitors in SmartThings Home Monitor have stopped working. :thinking:

That one has a weird history.

Back in 2017, the official Smart Home Monitor (SHM) which was part of the Classic app let you create custom monitors.

When the V3 version of the SmartThings app was introduced in 2018, its similar security feature, SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) did NOT offer custom monitors—you had to use routines or SharpTools for similar functionality.

When they first automatically migrated people to the new app, those custom monitors were lost. :disappointed_relieved:

LOTS of complaints.

Then quietly one day a NEW smartapp appeared: Custom Monitors. But only for people who had previously had custom monitors created in the classic version of the smartthings app. And you couldn’t use it to create a new custom monitor: it just ran the old ones that people had created in the old version of the app.

On top of that, support claimed they didn’t know anything about it and didn’t support it:

I would like to inform you that officialy we do not support the custom monitor smartapps in the new SmartThings app

To this day, I wonder if some smartthings engineer just took pity on those who lost functionality in the 2018 migration and slipped that code in there unofficially. :thinking:

But in any case, it does appear that it has been shut down, along with all the other custom-written smartapps. So you will need to re-create them using the new architecture.

The following thread discusses some general options, but they will no longer be part of the security features in the app, you’ll just get regular notifications. :disappointed_relieved:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?


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