[Custom Integration] Has anyone been able to integrate the ZMAI-90 Wi-Fi HEM?

Heya All,

I got the ZMAI-90 Tuya-based energy meter as the Aeotec HEM doesn’t get to where I am (NZ), and later found out it has a relay for an on/off switch as it basically mimics a wi-fi socket with a power button, but without the actual physical button itself,

So basically if I want to install it that is a no-no for me as there’s no on/off switch in case something goes wrong with it for now.

Has anybody been able to use it? (Either with the official Tuya integration, or the custom tasmota as mentioned on www.creationfactory.co). I want to know how reliable is it, and if somebody has had a situation where it goes off for no reason. and what would happen if you cut its power and restore it, does it restore itself as ON?