Custom Files with Speaker Notify with Sound

Has any gotten custom mp3 hosted on dropbox or google drive to work with Speaker Notify with Sound
I have the app installed and working but only the built in (and amazon hosted) mp3 work.

I have tried the “dl=1” flag and the “raw=1” flags on dropbox but neither work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

I do believe I edited the code correctly (adding action type at the top, and the file path to the case statement down below)

Is the file “public” in your drop-box? You have to make sure the link is correct too. You don’t want to bring up the file on drop-box you need to link to the direct download. You might also want to look at this. I’ve never used it but some have to use custom sounds.

in order to use dropbox you will need to manually modify the share link…

Here’s the original link:

Now here is the required url:

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That worked perfectly.

Thank you so much!