Custom DHT for general users are not possible?

I was messing around with the new app/environment’s dev portal, and i ran across this


im guessing us home gamers are out of luck in the new smartthings environment? or am i not seeing it correctly?

Everything still goes through the groovy ide for hub connected device DTH. The new Dev environment is only used for companies to submit their code to officially publish for DTH. You can go directly to the groovy ide and experiment all you like

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I believe The key word there is “publish,” as in “make available for other users without their having to go through the IDE.”

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The reality is you can create your own organisation. You just need a second Samsung account for it.

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Hello @Big_Webstas

You can enroll a personal/test organization so you can access hub device integrations registered at the new platform.


@erickv for personal use, is there any advantage to this? It looks like the old groovy ide is used for the actual code.

Hi, @prjct92eh2

even if at the end the IDE still saving the hub-integration, you will have access to the integration through One App. This in case of the missing devices as has been happening often.

And, I know it is not about Hub-Connected devices, but the API access integrations (among other features) are accessible for organization profiles only.

It may not look like a huge difference for now but, it is important to remember that the Connected Platform is growing and being updated every day.

I hope this information results useful to you,