Custom Device Status

Hi I have an ecolink z-wave door contact and a relay setup to provide me with alerts if my power goes out. The alerts are sent out via an automation that sends the notification. However the contact itself only provides an open / closed status so if you miss the notification its hard to tell if the power is active or not. Is there a way to change the status from open / closed to something like power is out / power is active? I tried created a custom device handler to do this but I was not able to get it working correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I buy door sensors and solder in two leads to use them on PIRs , if you have a relay wired to a small power supply 12 volt , connect that to a relay, you then can use N/C or N/O , then just set the app for push notifications .

That’s already the way I have it setup. I just want to have the contact itself display in realtime what the power status is. So instead of reporting open / close it would display utility power active / out. Basically all I want to do is change the status text.

Oh not sure with ST , I’m pretty new at it, but I have Alexa tell me when someone is in the garden , just had a look on the ST app and I do see my sensor but there LightwaveRF ones, may need to use a ST door sensor, my other sensors are though Smart life which I can not set up yet on ST , hopefully someone will know

Anyone can help?

I can’t immediately think of a suitable stock capability so I think I’d just define a custom capability with a single binary attribute.

If you have the code for the contact sensor you could just add the custom capability to that, changing the new attribute when the contact changes. You can then mess around with the presentation to favour the new attribute over the contact.

If you don’t have the code or want to leave it alone, then I’d do the same with a virtual switch and use automations to change the state.