Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview

I’m learning, thanks so much! I’m so close!

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Oh, I see what you mean. Let me review some details with our engineering team and I’ll let you know. Thanks for bringing this up. :smiley:

Update: @cscheiene, using OR conditions for the same capability is not available yet in the Automations tool, only some standard capabilities have an extra option for this purpose, like Contact Sensor. However, I created a Feature Request about it, stay tuned for the newsletter

I made my changes, but it didn’t work. I’ll keep trying! I may just start all over clean since I’ve made so many changes. A clean start would be good now that I’ve learned a little more.

ST must have found the budget for a few more servers because the app main dashboard is updating faster. now do the same for detail view ST.

also the 2 column view for cards on the iPad is an improvement. still a lot of empty real estate so now let’s do half sized cards ST and allow dev to control the width and sequencing of the cards. for example lux, power, temperature, state, motion, contact etc should have the option for a half sized card and no useful information would be lost.

thanks for all your hard work.


Hello - The automations that I had defined and working involving some of my devices with custom capabilities have stopped working and stopped recognizing my CC commands/states. Did something change??

Hey @TAustin

Which display types are you implementing?

Which display types are you implementing?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question; not familiar with the term “display type”.

According to our API reference, which of the following valid values are you implementing in the custom capability that has stopped working (at least at the Automations View)?


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Oh THAT displayType! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This has happened across a number of devices where I have custom capabilities. The automations typically are supposed to trigger off a state or issue an command to a switch.

One curious thing I just noticed: I could have sworn that I used to be able to create device configurations using my own assigned manufacturerName. Did the API change to where you can no longer do that? All the presentationIDs seem to be associated only with SmartThingsCommunity now. Certainly, all these devices I’m having a problem with were created with my own 4-digit manufactuerName. Could this by chance be a problem? They were all created and added from developer mode.


Definitely something that I’ll check and as soon as I get some results I’ll post below = )


Regarding your device-config inquiry about custom manufacturername (mnmn), yes, you should be able to do so, just make sure to cover the following points:

  • Specify them at the device-config.json file while creating it.
  • If you’re using device profiles, remember to update the metadata.mnmn reference.
  • If you’re using DTHs, remember to use it at the metadata definition of your DTH.

Also, you can query the following device configuration through the SmartThings CLI to check it:

  st presentation 1907a700-4043-3484-84c5-42410b204026 erickv

which corresponds to this device (custom-v.4):

Now, about the Automations View, I’ve been able to implement a simple set of conditions-actions on top of the againschool57104.rockPaperScissors capability (which you can find in the device configuration referenced above) and it is working and displaying properly (below the reference of the automation already setup).

If your devices don’t get updated automatically, I recommend you to push a new device configuration update.


Thanks very much for your thorough reply. In this case I’m using device profiles. When a device configuration is initially created, there is no way in the API to identify the manufacturingName. It seems to default to SmartThingsCommunity. Are we only able to modify an existing one and re-upload to Developer Workspace? Regardless, it sounds like none of that should be causing my issue.

Some further info: I discovered this afternoon that the existing automations in question are in fact still executing. Even though in the app (I’m using IOS), they appear to be in an error condition (unknown action), e.g.:

Furthermore, I am no longer able to select any of that group of devices for either the IF or THEN part of a new automation: they aren’t displayed in the list of devices to choose from. In fact the whole room collection of devices is missing. This definitely worked fine before (witness my existing automations) and no changes have been made to those devices.

Could this be a problem with the mobile app itself?

This has got to be an iOS thing. I’m not seeing any of this. I’m on Android - eagerly awaiting my app update. (C’mon Google store - propogate…)

I’ve got Bangali’s Rooms Manager installed and I can create automations with his Rooms Occupancy device custom actions. I haven’t updated to your panel device yet else I’d check.

The Developer Workspace will set your mnId as your manufacturerName/mnmn by default, even if you upload a customized value.

If you want to set your custom manufacturerName/mnmn… let’s say { "manufacturerName": "TAustin" }, I recommend you to work through the SmartThings CLI. This includes having your device profile in a JSON file as well to update the vid reference as soon as you create the device configuration.

Wanted to post here final info provided to me by @erickv in a direct message regarding one of my questions above:

Even though the API documentation does not show it, you can include your manufacturerName/mnmn/mnId in a create device configuration API call. Erick acknowledged this needs to be corrected in the API documentation. In fact if you don’t do this, the generated vid will be associated with ‘SmartThingsCommunity’ mnmn instead of your own.

Thanks Erickv!


I need some serious help with Custom Capabilities and converting my DTH over to the new format show it shows up right in the app. I’m willing to pay for someone’s time.

I’ve tried using the CLI to create a CC but I’m not someone who can code or understands JSON. I appreciate anyone willing to help.