Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview

It happens automatically, you can check your version by going to any random device in the app, press the 3 dots in the corner and then information. The version number should be there

the workaround to kill the app, edit device label in ide then restart the app is no longer working to pickup updated device config.

kind of dead in the water here.

Is there any update regarding creating automations using custom capabilities??

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so automations can’t control simulated devices? was trying to setup SPS to mirror the phones using automations … since phones don’t show as up presence sensors anymore. that’s how i found out.

writing generic code to control any device from any automation and allowing automations to execute any command supported by the device is simpler than supporting controlling some devices and not others. won’t even go into the bewildering decision of why phones don’t show up as presence sensors anymore.

so ST … if one is permitted to ask … why on god’s green earth doesn’t automations support controlling simulated devices?

thank you.


this needed a solution. hate doing one offs. so ported WATO … something i had coded for the HE platform last year. solved my presence sensor problem but is capable of doing much more than just that:

Anyone else have trouble getting there custom capabilities to appear in the REST API. It seems sometimes they will appear when I make a request to get the status of a device and then sometimes they will be missing.

Any help/tips would be helpful!