Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview

Hello @mvevitsis,

The Health Check capability has no presentation configured. Although you include it in the device presentation configuration, it won’t be added into the final presentation, you can verify this with the command:

smartthings presentation presentation-id -j

Only “Refresh” has a presentation, but this capability is not mandatory.

Hello @hongtat,

Thank you for your feedback. I was able to replicate the behavior of the device history you mentioned so I will proceed to report this to our engineering department.

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Hello @bangali,

You can go to the custom capabilities documentation, there are examples of the automation view configuration at the bottom of the page.
In the same document, you will find the State Display Type, this is used to display the capability’s attribute value. Here is an example of how to use it in the Detail View:

"detailView": [
            "label": "Attr value",
            "displayType": "state",
            "state": {
                "label": "{{stringAttr.value}}"

About the device presentation creation, here is the document and in the API reference documentation you will find more details about its properties.

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thank you @nayelyz. figured it out earlier today by trial and error and got my custom capability working in both the new and old app here:

going to release the updated version to the community in the next couple of days :crossed_fingers:t3:

i have spent a bunch of time browsing the API reference doc. some additional info on how each section works like examples of how to use the visibleConditions would be great :slight_smile:

on the topic of visibleCondition from the API reference doc:


This resource is shown in the UI when the condition is met. If visibleCondition is omitted, it is always visible. visibleCondition object might reference a different component, capability and version.

from here:

  1. what does component mean in that context?
  2. is it possible to compare a device attribute in that condition?

thank you.

how do i set the text size on displayType "state”? e.g. here on the Last Updated card:

@erickv or @nayelyz , Any idea when the stepper will start working again? This is frustrating.

Also, are you working on the new app loading time? It is ridiculously slow to get status on every device each time I open the app. Sometimes it doesn’t load at all and I have to kill it and restart. It’s painful to open it. I avoid it as much as possible.

Appreciate any feedback you can provide.


Not sure if it was asked here before, but do I have to create a new vid every time I change something?

I’m using the presentation:device-config:create -j -i=xyz.json command.

If you have changed the config file, then yes. If nothing has actually changed the vid will be the same.

Rather annoyingly, if you just change the order of the entries in the config you will not get a new vid, even though it can affect critical things like what is on the dashboard tile.

Equally frustrating is that the presentation is only dependent on changes to the config, not to the capability presentations it includes. So if you change how you want a capability to look you have to contrive a change to your config. The trick here is to avoid removing unnecessary entries in your config that don’t do anything. All those Actuator, Sensor and Health Check entries give you something to remove when you need to force an update.


Thank you for helping me again :smiley:
PS: Generating a config file from a existing DTH seems too work mostly :sweat_smile: I think it’s better then nothing :grinning:

i was getting this same error with a list type because i didn’t have the setter command defined as a function in my dth. once i added that function all went well.

Slider seems to have stopped calling set command as well, same as @guxdude reports. Slider worked last week, now set command is not called and gives a network error. Tried stepper and get the same result. Any ideas @nayelyz @erickv


Do the Android and iOS app updates rolling out the past couple of days contain any fixes for custom capabilities?

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52.23 onto UK S10 from Galaxy store delivery has a broken STHM , that needs fixing to begin with

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Hello @natec007,

We have replicated and reported this behavior to our engineering department, they are currently working to have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your input.

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Hi @bangali,

The options to limit the number of characters displayed and configure the font size of the text in the device presentation are not available yet.
About your question of the VisibleCondition:

  1. The “component” property is used to specify in which component of the device is located the capability.
  2. VisibleCondition is used to hide/display a capability based on the comparison’s result.
    In the sample below, the doorControl capability should be displayed only if the attribute “vacationMode” of the capability “vacation“ equals to “disabled”
    "component": "main",
    "capability": "doorControl",
    "version": 1,
    "values": [],
    "patch": [],
    "visibleCondition": {
        "capability": "xxxxx.vacation",
        "version": 1,
        "component": "main",
        "value": "vacationMode.value",
        "operator": "EQUALS",
        "operand": "disabled"
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OK. is there any docs on what properties will be available to set number of characters and font configuration? if there is would like to include them now so the presentation just works once they are available on the server side.

thanks for the clarification on component … i had forgotten about use of that.

on visibleCondition example assuming capability xxxxx.vacation has an attribute named vacationMode which is what is being compared here. question on this: can a capability have multiple attributes and if yes how would that be configured in the capability presentation and/or device config?

thank you.

So I decided to stop working on my custom DTH for a while with the hope that when I come back there may be some improvements/fixes. Not surprisingly, all the same issues seem to exist and possibly some new ones. Well any way, now when I try to run my batch file to build the capability/presentation/etc. I am getting the below error. Nothing has changed on my side and this use to work 2 weeks ago. Any ideas?

caught error Error: Request failed with status code 404: {
,"message":"Only certain users are allowed to modify standard Capabilities","details":[]}}


I create a colorTemperature capability and its capability presentation by using the cli. Then I make a device handler from IDE that has only color temperature capability and use the cli to generate its presentation to deviceConfig.json. I don’t change any content of deviceConfig.json, so I write its mnmn and vid from deviceConfig.json to my definition of device handler. After save and publish for me, I create a new device with this type from IDE. I open smartthings app to see the dashboard and details display, but I can’t see any colorTemperature in app. Does anyone has idea about this?


The ‘generate’ creates a sample file for you but you still need to use ‘create’ to register that config in the system and build the presentation.

The ‘vid’ will stay the same. It is just a UUID derived from the config contents though, it needs to be pointed at something.