Custom Automations Run In Error

I have 4 automations set up. Two of them change the Mode of the phone from Home to Away and vice versa depending on my phone’s location. The other two turn a Smartthings outlet on and off depending on the mode. Invariably when I look at the app, it is showing the mode as Away when I’m outside, but the outlet is not on (which is what the automation is set up to do). Here is today’s history: 9:-06 water valve outlet on (this is when I left the house). 9:09 - off, 9:59 - on, 10:00 - off (this is when I returned home). My location setting is "High accuracy (GPS & networks), and Smartthings does have access to my location. Any ideas? Thanks

Can you post a screenshot of the automation that is not running correctly?

Also, are you using both apps or just one?

I’m only running one app.

The other two automations change mode based on phone presence. They seem to work in doing that. I had modified those to activate the switch as well, that made no difference.

Here’s another screenshot:

Notice the on and off pattern.