Custom Apps and IDE Testing Not Working (SmartThings Classic)

At least six hours ago, my custom SmartApps stopped working. When I tried to edit them in the SmartThings app, they had no Save button and uninstalled from the SmartThings app. I redid them from MyApps, nothing. Then I went to the IDE to test them; nothing that appears in the SmartApps IDE will run correctly. They don’t error, but a motion sensor or open/close sensor to trigger a light simply–doesn’t trigger. No error, it just never happens.

I rechecked my custom app in SmartThings classic and watched Live Logging. It didn’t show up there at all.

I created a new SmartApp from the template Brighten My Path; saved with no changes, published to me, and tested in the IDE; same problem is occurring-motion triggered but switch not reacting.

Anyone else have anything like this happening? Or was this announced or something somewhere?

Possibly unrelated: in the IDE, the If(foo){} in one of the event handlers gave me an error. Foo was a working bool with a value but it gave me a very long error not while saving but during testing.

ETA: TP-Link SmartThings Manager (davegut) is working in the SmartThings Classic App as of right now. It’s the only one that’s working.