Custom App not working and developer workspace disfuntional

A few days ago, my self developed Automation apps stopped working. In the SmartThings app they show up as disabled. When I try to re-enable them, I get to the page where I can configure the app, but when I click on Done I get the error “Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.” I didn’t think it had anything to do with the app, but I still reinstalled the app and it does indeed not make any difference.

I also seem to have lost the ability to add a new SmartApp in the latest iOS version of SmartThings.

I tried then to check my app on the dev workspace and when I click on Sign In on the website Developer Workspace I get the error “HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request”. The link to that website is on SmartThings website, but I’m not certain I used that url.

When I log into SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. the app appears but when I try to configure it (without making any changes) I’m getting the error “Cannot update SmartApp”.
Similar, when trying to save the code (without making any changes) I’m getting the error “Failed to safe”

What’s going on ?


Samsung/Smartthings has shutdown the platform that hosts Groovy based applications. This is a change that was announced quite awhile ago and was finally implemented last week.

I must have missed that. What’s the alternative and is there a way to migrate the code or can I throw the app away?

It has tsken 2years since the announcement but now it is happening

More than likely any issues you have can be resolved with a read around on the board

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This might help:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

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