Custom alexa dimmer detail

I am setting up a custom device handler that I would like the Amazon Alexa to treat as a dimmer. I set the capabilities as switch and switch level. Alexa recognizes this and lets me set a level by number. However, it will not increment and decrement as it does for commercial lights (i.e. by my saying “turn up” or “turn down” the device). Alexa responds that my device does not have this capability. Is there a different capability or attribute, or something that needs to be included in the device handler definition to let Alexa implement this feature?

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Did you ever find an answer to this? I am having the same trouble. Using “Switch” and “Switch Level” to control a TV remote. It works with “Alexa turn Guest TV On/Off/Level x”, but “Alexa turn Guest TV UP/Down” seems to fail in the skill adapter.

Yes I did solve it but it’s been a while ago and I had forgotten ever
having this issue. I can take a look at my device handler and post
something on what I did, but may not have time to dig in until Wednesday.

Thanks… it will be much appreciated. Pulling my hair out over this.