Current State

(Ron S) #1

.what bugs were addressed in yesterdays release? Hope @ben was here to answer this.

(Zack Stark) #2

My geofence is going crazy. Yesterday It said both of us were home and away like 20 times and we were about 15mi away from home. My geofence says I’m home when I’m at least a mile down the road, when the radius is set at the minimum… so I know that it definitely needs work.

(Ron S) #3

I left couple of minutes back from home it showed correctly I have left. Now that I am in the hospital several miles away from home, it things I went back home again and left home again. It’s kind of going nuts. Happening for the last few days.

(Ron S) #4

I use my iPhone for the presence thing.

(Zack Stark) #5

Update, after eliminating a second router on my network I have not experienced any issues with the geo-location presence accuracy with our phones.