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Keypad works with SmartThings. Just use the Centralite device type and SmartApp from this thread:

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Super cheap 720p IP camera with IR, though read carefully about how it requires IE(!) for configuration.

This is one of the main reasons I like the GE model better. You don’t have to add additional wires to the outlet.

Alright… well I have found a store with about 20 items for me to buy.

you may already be aware of this, but that dimmer only works with Incandescent bulbs.

That could be a deal breaker. Well Lowes (one of them) just called and only has 5 of them.

Which ge switch doesn’t need the neutral?

The one that only works with incandescents (#45639)

Let me be more specific, a GE switch uses the screws/holes to do the wiring. The GE switches i’ve been using do not have wires coming from the devices. You simply insert the wires from your home into the switch. Very easy as far as wiring but it requires the neutral.

The switch shown above, I’ve used in the past, has the wires coming from it and you simply need a lot of room in the electrical boxes. They work just fine and the only problem I’ve seen is the LED is misconfigured by the manurfacture. In ST, you have to change the settings for LED on/off to the opposite of what you want.

I bought a couple of these 2 days ago and it does say on the package “works with incandescent and dimmable LED’s only”

Not sure if this one is different:


Philips Hue Tap for $9.98 off, $49.99.

iSmart Alarm stuff on sale 15%-50% off. Rumored coming ST integration.

MonoPrice has the following z-wave devices on sale and are in stock at the time of this post:

Z-Wave Plugin On/Off - NO LOGO
Product # 11995
$26.99 (reg $34.99)

Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor- NO LOGO
Product # 11987
$21.99 (reg $29.99)

Z-Wave Electronic Door Lock - NO LOGO
Product # 10798
$69.99 (reg $114.97 )

MonoPrice has 15% off Site-Wide with Code GIFT15 (some products excluded)

EDIT: I picked up 2 of the door locks for a net price of $59.49 each with free shipping.


All this talk about the Lowes GE/Iris non-stock items got me thinking… I thought I had wiped out all the Lowes in Phoenix a couple months ago. At the time, I was getting the story that items that were showing stock, but unable to find were packed up for return.

I did another on-line stock check and found some still available. I was helped by a young knowledgeable clerk who knew his department. He got the ladder and went to three overhead areas and gathered up my treasures.

As before, I spoke with the manager and showed old receipts and told him how I was emptying out non-stock items so he didn’t have to carry them into new year. Bingo… $315 of goodies for $80.


Amazon has lifx 1000 multicolor bulbs for $49 today which is $10 off normal price.

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Amazon Deal of the Day on Samsung SNH-1011 Wireless IP Camera. $47.99

Wireless & Ethernet, not HD.

Doesn’t seem to use Samsung cloud storage, no SD card slot. Unclear if the camera can be accessed directly.

I am looking for 3 IRIS Blister pack Outlets. I will trade 1 for 1. I have IRIS Dimmer, ON/OFF and Quirky trppers (2 pack).

FYI: As with all Lowe’s discounts, this one is YMMV, but Lowe’s has the Nest v2 thermostats for $159 at some locations. Add a 10% off coupon, and it looks to be a really good deal (especially if you don’t need the v3 changes).

Looking over the discussions, it looks like ST integration is available unofficially.

If anyone has any thoughts on how well it works with ST, it would be appreciated :smile:

(Sorry if this has already been mentioned - I don’t remember seeing it but I might have missed it).

SmartThings is not an official Nest partner.

There is a community-created device type, but its use violates the Nest TOS, so the official SmartThings position is that you use it " at your own risk."

However, nest has since added an IFTTT channel. You can use that for indirect integration without violating your TOS with nest. It may not offer as many features, but it’s worth a look.


@JDRoberts Thanks for the info - as always you supply the info needed to make an informed decision. Much appreciated (for this particular post as well as all the others you’ve helped me with). :smile:

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Thanks to this thread, I finally found all the switches that I needed to outfit my home. Had to drive about 40-50 miles each way but WELL worth it.

13 of the #45637 and 4 of the #45639.

Now the good news is, as a thank you to the community, I would be willing to make the drive again if someone has something they need to trade. Currently, my area still has"

7 - #45639 - $10
14 - #45637 - $9
4 - #45638 - $12

Here is what I need:
Door sensors
Motion sensors or Aeon Multi-Sensor
ZWave in wall Electrical Outlets
Presence Sensors
Smoke/CO2 Detector
LOL Pretty much EVERYTHING, Heck, I still have not ordered my HUB yet. :smile:

Just shoot me a PM and I can work something out.

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