Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Thanks for posting the picture. I had purchased the last four boxes from my local HD three weeks ago when they were priced at $20. I finally got around to going back to try and get a price adjustment last night. I only had three of the boxes with me and they made the adjustment. I went back with the fourth box today, and when they scanned for the new price it came up as $0.01, which the sales clerk didn’t want to bother ringing up, so they just gave it to me. Score! (I was briefly tempted to return with the other three boxes, but that just seems wrong.)

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It’s possible that there will be a new Apple Watch model announced at the March event. Which makes a buy decision now a little more complicated. However, Apple Watches were big sellers over Black Friday so I’m assuming there may still be interest. :sunglasses:

Best Buy has now put a whole bunch of models on sale at $100 off, so you can find some at $250 and some steelcase models at $299. Selection may vary by store.

I really like mine. Even though I mostly use the echo, the watch allows me to use voice for home automation control via IFTTT when I’m out of range of the echo, including in the yard or coming up the street.

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I didn’t realize one could give voice commands to the applewatch to control smartthings via IFTTT. Is there a thread on that topic? Is it similar to Echo IFTTT use cases in terms of functionality?

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Here you go: :sunglasses:

Works quite well, although it’s fixed format, not natural language. Discussion in the voice control topic:

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Managed to find a few more outdoor plugs (5 of them) at a Lowes in Riverside that I didn’t know was even there. They wouldn’t price match at first with my now small collection of receipts from other Lowes (I’ve been clearing all the Chino/Riverside/Orange County Lowes out) but I went back two days later to return another one of the outdoor plugs that went bad (straight swap which they did with no hassle even though I got it for $10 and it was still $29 there) and then gal at Customer Service said if I wanted to price match the others I could. So I got 2 for $10 and swaped my bad one for a new one.

I left TWO of the outdoor plugs there… if anyone wants to try and price match for those two, the Lowes is off Tyler and the 91 in Riverside (behind the Galleria Mall). Hopefully they don’t put the bad one I returned back on the shelf.

I’m now up to 6x dimmer switches, 1x 3-Way switch, and 6x outdoor plugs for $9-$10 each. I also helped someone get 3x On/Off Switches for about $13 each. Saved a lot because of this thread!

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Oh, and to comment on using these older Lowes GE/Jasco Dimmer switches with an LED bulb… there isn’t a neutral as most people have pointed out. I used one of the dimmer switches and replaced a normal dimmer switch to an overhead light in my office. I used a 75W equivalent LED and tried it out. The light dimmed on and off no problem (though it would jump to off/on when about 75% of the way dimmed off/on) and really the only downside I saw was a noticeable buzzing from the switch during the dimming on/off process. But otherwise it worked fine and there wasn’t any buzzing when the switch was fully on or fully off. I wanted more light in the office, however, so I went to Lowes and bought a three light overhead fixture to replace the single light with. I put another 75W equivalent LED and a 45W equivalent with built in Bluetooth speaker and the amount of wattage needed to turn all the lights on really increased, so the buzzing is almost completely gone when the dimming process is happening.

Wait, what?! How did you get this deal? Working my way backwards through this thread and don’t see.

Continuing the discussion from Current Device Deals & Best Prices:

It started waaaaaaaaaaaaay above in the thread with @TexAMR posting about a month ago getting a bunch of the older GE z-wave items for $10 or $9 (with a contractor’s discount for buying a bunch) as they were being pushed out by that original Lowe’s and the manager had slashed the prices super low. The receipts were posted and a bunch of people started to report the hit or misses of being able to price match with the scanned receipts (I said it was a ‘friend’ who sent me the receipts when trying to price match). I got to it late as I was on vacation, but immediately I started my own attempts, I’ve found it comes down to specific managers and customer service employees and even the time of day. Some of the Lowes said since they are all non-stock, they can’t be price matched because the other stores don’t have them in stock anymore. Some Lowes didn’t even bat an eye and immediately price matched. I went back to several that wouldn’t price match, got a new employee working, and they did price match.

From there, more people posted receipts as they were able to get even more of the older GE z-wave items for $10 or $9. It’s super hit or miss, as many of the stores don’t have them at this point. But it seems that most people were able to get the following when the Lowes stores would price match:

339578 - Dimmer Switch ($9 or $10)
339580 - Outdoor Light Plug Module ($10)
339584 - 3-Way Switch (2-Pack with the Relay and Aux switches) ($10)
339577 - On/Off Switch (Price varies from $10 to $17)

You couldn’t get any of these prices through the online website (except the $17 On/Off Switches which you could find but only a very few locations).

Here’s one of my reciepts for example:


ugghhhh all of us canucks are drooling at these prices and options. :frowning:

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Yes! This thread has saved me a ton of money! I’ve gotten an Echo for $89.00, A fire TV stick for $35.00, 3 outdoor modules for $10.00 each, 10 3-way switch kits & 21 on/off switches for about $8.50 each (average). Roughly $1500.00 worth of stuff for about $425.00. Even my wife is happy!

I got my V2 hub on Sept 18th… I’ve bought so much stuff I can’t find the time to install all of it!

But what I really need a deal on are the little Leviton plug in appliance modules and the EcoLink door/window sensors.


the yrd-220 zwave lock on Amazon is on sale. It’s down to $190 plus a 20% off coupon on top of that right now.

So today, I bought the last of the switches from Lowe’s here in my town. They were the GE 15 amp 3-way light switches. I didn’t “need” them but for $12 bucks each it was hard not to buy the rest of them… Now I just need to find a way to tell my wife why I bought seven of them… Is there any excuses you guys can come up with?

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GE Link bulbs on sale at Sears. Looks like you can only order 3 A19 ($7.49) and 4 BR30 ($9.99) at one time.


That speaker is NOT DLNA. It’s AirPlay only

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So here’s the deal with this. DONT buy from Sears. Print out the page run to Home Depot and they will match any in stock item plus beat it by %10!!

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Tell her with another 5 more switches. She doesn’t have to buy you Xmas present.

Is this true for one-off, temporary, fire/flash/lightning sales?

I know with some places that have a ‘Pricematch Guarantee’, they won’t match these kinds of deals, but only the regular price (and some sale scenarios).

I use to work for HD and we would just give it to get the sale. Haha i had one guy get a quote for some lumber, bring it to a lumber yard who matched and beat the quote, he brought it back to us and the manager said match and beat it again just to get the sale.

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Thanks for the tip.
Getting smarter at shopping on this site all the time.

Nothing is working in my HA setup (just kidding), but I’m getting great deals on this stuff lol

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Easy… Just don’t tell her

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