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I have to say that “Alexa, turn on Kitchen Sonos” is heard around here more than “Alexa, play something playlist”. Though I would certainly go for an Echo before the Sonos if you don’t have either.

Argh, it is true that the Echo for HA is soo much more powerful.

You have to play HA against beautiful sound. I bought my Sonos when there was no Echo. Money aside, you’d get both. If you could only get one, you have to decide HA vs Audiophile quality and whether you want to command it.

I also worry about Echo usability, how many would I need to cover 3400 sq ft? I try to do my automation in ways that are automatic, no thinking needed. Manual overrides exist in every room already in the form of switches. $99-$150 per room for voice control is not worth it to me. One Sonos covers each level of my house. Just my thoughts on things…

This is one of the big blockers to the Echo for me. Beyond it being Iron Man-like, it’s called home automation for a reason…

Thanks all. I have more Sonos questions, but I’ll move it to another thread as I don’t want to derail everyone’s HA addiction. I hate this thread…

It has a lot of potential but has been stuck in beta (Labs) for over a year. People seem to have the best luck if they only use one “room”. I don’t use the integration anymore but am still holding out hope.

Music Quality on Play -1’s excellent (don’t compare to high ends). My primary purpose was to stream music. I had an older Bose. Fantastic sound but stupid Bluetooth only. So very limited range.

I use my own app which selects which Sonos to play notifications on based on which mode ST is on.

Persistence and luck. You get different answers from different managers. It helps to have a physical receipt. I started at my local Lowes with a picture of the receipt from this forum. My first attempt didn’t work, but I went back during a different shift and was able to get the discount. Once I had a physical receipt of my own, I went to some surrounding stores with mixed results. Some will match without question, others have given me detailed explanations of why they won’t match (and this was at a store where I’d already gotten someone to match for other items). Today I was at a store with 8 dimmers in hand. The clerk at Customer Service called her manager, but they wouldn’t match. When I went to put things back there was an associate stocking the Iris display, so I asked them. They found another manager who first offered me 50% off ($20). I hesitated and said I’d take four of them, at which point he said he’d give them to me for $15/each if I took them all. When he rang them up I got another 10% “contractor” discount because I got more than four. As with any negotiation, it’s key to find a person with the authority to make the decision themselves. So my advice is be patient, polite and persistent, and you might get lucky.


I was able to pick up a 2 pack of Quirky trippers for only $20 at my Home Depot. In the area that I live in all the stores have the same price. Can’t beat $10 per open/closed sensor!!


Saw it at my local HD too for $20.
What device type are you using for them?

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Sorry, I know this must be elsewhere, but do these have terminals for connecting wires for external wired sensors?

EDIT: when I searched just now, it says this…

“This item has been discontinued.
The Home Depot no longer carries this specific product.”

Uh-oh…yet another isle-zombie-fest (I’ll be one of them)…this time at Home Depot instead lol

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This had probably been asked before (sorry, behind on the thread), but can a 3 way switch be used in just one location? I have fluorescent tubes so I can’t use the Dimmer switches on sale at Lowes and the only other option is the 3 way switches…

Again sorry if this has been asked.


I imagine the primary switch from the set can be used on its own. I believe the primary switch is the same part number as the stand-alone on/off switch that doesn’t have dimming capabilities.

The primary switch can be used as an on/off switch.

The aux (add on) switch is useless without the primary.

But if you can get the three ways at a great deal, and you don’t need the three way, it’s still a great deal for the on/off switch!

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Using Quirky/Wink Tripper by Mitch Pond. I was ready to pull my hair out and then this device type saved me.

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Also, if you do it this way… I’ll pay you shipping to send me that useless auxiliary switch.

I need it for a four way set up.

Pm me if you’re interested

They are only battery powered.

I have instructed all family members that they must help out my cause!!

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Here is a similar question that I have pondered.

When one uses the Linear In Wall Dimmer switches can one use the GE Auxillary switch to enable a 3 way. Hmm that sounded kinda strange in a good way. “enable a 3 way” Yeah I need to say that or type it more often.

No, they’re not compatible. You need to use the matching brand/model aux specified by the manufacturer for each master.

Also note that in the US, electrical code requires that you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Intentionally violating that can void your homeowners insurance, so not worth saving a couple of bucks on a switch. :wink:

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Great point…and a house fire would definitely ruin the 3 way.


JD - Thanks for the information and the cautionary tale.

I suspected as much.

Electrical fires are very low risk as the electrical boxes that are used to mount switches are UL listed. All my wiring is wirenutted with a professional wire nut spinner and back taped to prevent any arcing from leaving the wire nut.

I’ve got enough cash to replace whatever is burned in a standard house fire. With the exception of my four legged “kids”.:dog: :dog: I also have large fire extinguishers in strategic locations

Average house fire does not burn the dwelling to the ground as per the data available.
With the average cost to repair damages caused is approximately 18.5 K

46 Percent of all reported house fires involved cooking. I think deep frying the Turkey for Thanksgiving is a much much greater risk! Always move the deep fryers outside when immersing the bird.

I also have an excellent home owner policy that will cover double what the costs are to completely rebuild my “stick built” home from the ground up. Direct relationship with my insurance agent - Bret Andreas - State Farm insurance. Speak to him about once a month. Girlfriends Brother is a well known Lawyer in town that will represent me in an insurance claim suit - pro bono.

It’s live now, I just bought the Automation Pack for $89. Going to pick it up tomorrow.