Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

I finally got one of the GE devices at Lowe’s tonight! lol

GE 2-Piece 15-Amp White 3-Way Decorator Light Switches (Works with Iris)
Item #: 339584 | Model #: 45638

I didn’t get the great deal as many above, but got it for $18. So, it was still a good deal.

thanks again to @TexAMR


Hit up three more Lowes today, two had nothing at all while one had 2x GE zwave outdoor plugs. They gave both to me for $10 each. The guy at the customer service called up his manager, who said they couldn’t match the price because ‘they were sold out at other stores since they are non-stock’, but the guy at the counter gave them to me for $10 anyway. I’m going to hit a few more when I get a chance. I’ve had good luck so far (with the three GE dimmer switches I got for $9 each yesterday).

Thanks to the posted receipts and inventory checker links, I was able to locate the Lowes in my area that had the switches in stock. They rang up at 35 bucks, but they were willing to price match to 10. Also grabbed two of the Iris motion sensors.

…if anyone’s in the Portland, OR area, the Milwaukie Lowes has 4 of the on/off switches left. :wink:

For a limited time, save $49 on 2 room Sonos starter set:

I went to another local Lowes today, and more success. Got two duplex outlets and one outdoor module for $10 each. The manager said he needed to get rid of those, they are non stock. I’ve got (6) total bought on two purchases so time to keep hitting up the other stores that refused, with two different local receipts in hand to try to pursued them!

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Good to know. I took care of Vancouver.

Same deal on Amazon with 6 months no interest if you use Amazon store card

Bummed that I missed out on the Alexa deal. Will have to keep my eyes open. I need a third Alexa for the basement. Then I’ll have all floors covered.

When I first migrated from Vera to ST 2.0, my only goal was for home automation and control. Just a bunch of Light Switches and motion sensors, door locks and garage door control, only for local access or smart phone monitor/control. I did not know anything (and did not care to know) about Harmony Control, Alexa and Philips Hue. They were never in the plan.
But because of this specific thread, I now have the Harmony Home control and Echo and I am hoping to find a sale on the Philips Hue kit. I blame you all for this.
P.S. I believe Alexa is the greatest thing to happen to Smartthings. How can you have a smart home without Alexa in charge?


How are folks able to get the GE 3 way switches? I stopped by a local Lowes and they were still $39.99. I am desperately looking for more light switches. What is the method to get them at this price? Is there an ad to price match to?

This was the basic on-off switch. I used this receipt from @TexAMR to get them to match prices on that specific model -

Keep in mind that you’re looking for a specific part number, in my case it was 339577. I used the inventory checker @sgnihttrams posted ( It was NOT on the shelf with the rest of the switches in the green GE boxes. It was in one of those clear plastic containers and while it WAS in the same aisle, it was on the opposite end buried on a free-standing shelf.

No. No add or anything like that. It’s just a clearance deal that one person saw at their local Lowe’s (@TexAMR), and we’ve all been attempting to replicate it. Some with success, but most others no-go. So, it’s an extreme-YMMV kind of thing.

If you look above, you will see where others have posted photos showing price tags and receipts, and you can try to use them to help you in the process, but it hasn’t done any good for me at all.

Good luck, and please do report back if you find someone willing to do the price-match for you. has most of the “old” hue devices 20-30% off to make room for the new ones.

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While scouting for the elusive GE deals, I just picked up a OSRAM LIghtify Tunable A19 Bulb from my local Lowes for only $14.99 on the clearance rack near the front of the store!
That’s about 1/2 off, it’s a supported device, and you can make it bright or warm white.
They had 2 left, but I wasn’t really in the market for light bulbs.

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That’s the exact box that I originally posted above. Thanks for posting the picture of the box with the Outdoor module plugged in. I think it illustrates the way the box can shield the internal outlet from the elements.

Does anyone follow Sonos? Is this the best deal we’ll get going into the holidays?

Also, Sonos owners, is the ST integration any good?

I just happened to still have the module in it from the Halloween display, waiting for Christmas. Figured a picture is worth 1000 words.

In years past they used to do a free bridge ($50 value) but I think the bridge is obsolete now.

I love my soni for more than just ST integration. I haven’t used the labs ST integration in awhile. I use Big Talker to play ST notifications and resume music and it is awesome.

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Sonos are awesome. You’ll love them independently of any other value you get out of them. I have not integrated mine much yet, I should though. I think people like the integration, but it has had issues.

I do watch for deals, and $50 off is the best I’ve ever seen for the product itself (not combining with any other outside deals).

Seriously the product has changed my life, added music to my house in ways that are so easy and fulfilling. I highly recommend Sonos, and like you wish they weren’t so damn expensive.


Even at the 2 for $350 sale price direct from Sonos or Amazon , unless you’re an audiophile, for HA integration I would go with 2 Echos . The one thing Sonos currently has that Echo doesn’t is syncing multiple speakers and being able to program custom alerts. The things Echo adds to HA that Sonos doesn’t are immeasurable.