Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

I went to three Lowes in SoCal Chino/Ontario and all three would not match. Good for you! I ended up getting the deal at BuyDig for a couple of Aeon Energy switches for $32 (after the VisaCheckout discount) which is what I would’ve rather have anyway.

Which switch is everyone talking about? I am looking for GE 3 way light switches.

I am pretty sure that the new GE switches (they come in the pretty boxes) at Lowe’s are all capable of 3 way configuration. You just have to buy the add-on switch to go with it.

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How about a shot every time someone mentions Lowes! :wink: I am so drunk!


How Lowe can you go?


Even though I’m disappointed that none of mine will budge on the price-mathing yet, it is still kind of fun to watch the highs and Lowe’s coming in from elsewhere. :wink:

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Are you referring to the GE 2-Piece 3-Way set, which is Lowes Item# 339584, Model# 45638?

I saw some at a store in the clearance section, but they were still tagged at full price. I tried to use logic with the sales associate that if all the other devices were marked down that these should be, too, but they would only mark them down if I had a physical receipt showing the identical item. Has anyone been able to purchase these at the clearance price?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that one in one of the posts about this stuff. I could be wrong though. I guess you’ll go back through all of the posts above, starting at around 600 or so, and see if any of the posted receipts.has that specific number. Oh, also, when I was at one the other day, I got a matrix that lines up SKU with UPS or some other code. so, if you only see upc on a receipt, we may be match it to the SKU.

EDIT: Sorry, but I just checked and that one isn’t in the list I got. Here are the ones I got…

339580 = 45635 = GE 125-Volt 15-Amp Black Single Electrical Outlet (Works with Iris)

339577 = 45637 = GE 15-Amp White Decorator Light Switch (Works with Iris)

339578 = 45639 = GE 15-Amp 600-Watt White 3-Way Compatible Wireless Digital Dimmer (Works with Iris)

339582 = 45636 = GE 125-Volt 15-Amp Iris White Duplex Electrical Outlet (Works with Iris)

I think this is TexAMR’s original post about htis crazy deal frenzy…
[photo of packaging includes models 45639, 45635, 339584, 45636]

Bbolinger’s post showing receipt…

cdmobile’s post showing products (no receipt)…
[45639, outdoor, 4563?outdoor]

2I82try1’s post showing products (no receipt)…
[45639, 45635, ]

Orange’s post showing receipt…
[339582, 339578]

TexAMR’s post showing receipt…
[339582, 339580, 339578, 339577, 339580]

Link to Lowe’s inventory checker from nelemansc

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At least they entertained the idea. Mine aren’t budging until next quarter!

I visited another Lowes and they too moved their dimmers to the clearance area, but would not change the price. They were still $40. An employee said the price may change in a few days, or may not.

I also found a couple of the plug-in GE Lamp Dimmers Item# 193115, Model# 45602 that were marked at $12.49, so I snatched those up, too.

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So, the 3 way on/off you have listed was indeed the first item on saw on clearance, on the Lowes website. This is a screen grab from today, so they still have them listed at $10. If you want to show them in store, it’s the only Lowe’s in 85635 zip.

The website showed 3 in stock, so I went down to purchase those. When I arrived at the store, they were nowhere to be found, but while looking I located all the others on sale in a clearance rack. That is when I posted the picture a week or so ago.

After asking the store about the 3 on/off, and they said they could not find them, I bought the other items and headed home. Once home I purchased the 3 on/off from website to pickup in store. I figured if they couldn’t find them, they would refund me. However, one hour after order, I received an email saying they were ready for pickup. The receipt I got from those was not a normal receipt, and I am not even sure if I have it anymore. I do have the email.

Not sure if any of this will help, but it is all I have.i

My Lowes (southeastern MA) held strong, stating that not all stores put things on clearance at the same time. I will keep stalking, I mean checking…

One of mine said that too… I just talked to a different manager!


You truly are an enabler… I’ll try again, I practically live there since I’m finishing the basement.


I know I missed a few, but has anyone seen any current deals on outlet modules? Would like two more to control christmas lights inside the house.

BB has added a few more of the OLD Hue and Lightify lights to their 20% off clearance . Remember " everything ships free" through Christmas.

Lowe’s has a sale coming up on the 18th that will include the outdoor module. See post 834 above.

I feel like the $29/dimmer switch I’m seeing on these branded Linears is pretty darn good…

It’s cheaper than it’s add on. Wonder if I HAVE to control a load.

IF you are looking for something to use inside, BestBuy has $10 off Wemo and Wemo insight switch, not that $40 & $50 each respectively is a deal.
“Amazing” how the GE outdoor ZW module has tripled in price on Fleabay in the past month. Glad I got my for $20 each last month, although not as happy as I would be if local Lowes or drops the price to $10.