Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Good price on the outdoor module also. :sunglasses:

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…and these all work just fine? Damn, not bad at all.

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The pairing process seems to be annoyingly fiddly, and you may need a custom device type that the community has created, but definitely people have all of these working now. :sunglasses:

Anyone know of a way to check inventory on the GE (Iris compatible) clearance items at Lowe’s?

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There is none i know off once they remove the old from current to clearance they are not reflected on the web site.

the only possible was is to actually call the store and ask them to see if they have any of the specific SKU in stock. They will show up on the store computers, just not the web site.

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The outdoor modules are a good buy because there is no other alternative and works well. I can vouch they work but poorly made with the rubber cover coming off with no way to putting it back. Couple of guys posted links to how to cover the outdoor outlets in old houses but it does not help. The plug on this outdoor module and will stick out and is really weird and guaranteed to leave your outdoor electric outlet in more than half open position. I am sorry how exactly to explain it but I posted an image earlier and now.

You can try this site, I’ve had some luck with it before


Nice find. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, even though the 4 local stores I have checked in the past 48 hours have some of all of these models we’ve been talking about, and even though they are still marked at regular prices, none of them are showing up in this search…and this thing brought up the closest 10 stores. So, it looks like it’s isle-zombie season. YMMV

Thanks for this! I’ve been looking to replace the white-hot halogen pucks under our cabinets for a while but couldn’t quite stomach the full price of the strips. These’ll do quite nicely.

I’ve been looking to get a few of these for a while now and with Christmas coming I will have to jump on this. Was hoping to get a few at $10 but that does not seem like it’s going to happen so this will have to do.

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You just need to replace your outlet cover with one of the oversized ones with the holes in the bottom to allow the cords to hang out. Of course that doesn’t help the outlet on the GE module, but it does protect your actual home outlet from the weather.


Will try to get my hands on one! Thanks a lot.

So I was just in my local home depot and I noticed that they are starting to carry the new GE switches (the ones in the new boxes).

I’ve not seen them in my store before today.

Just a PSA for y’all!

Persistence pays off! I tried again at a local Lowes, and got them to sell me one of each of the dimmer, on/off, and outdoor for $10 each. I almost blew it when I asked to add the outdoor (only had the two with me at the service desk) and they agreed to let me add one more to my buy.

Does anyone know if there is a custom driver for the outdoor module to read the energy draw? I’d like to use it on the washing machine, similar to what I have with the dryer. A rule - energy drops to <8 watts, notify “The Dryer is done”. I’d like the same thing for the washing machine, and would like to use this outdoor module to do it.

I don’t believe these devices have that capability.


@mattjfrank is absolutely correct on this as always…

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You looking for brownie points or something? ? ? Lol :wink:

Not the brownie points, just the brownie! :wink: as such this is the ugliest looking device that I have… Well, just works outdoors and it works! For once both my missus and I hate this ugly device.

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I wrote a device type to use The Aeon HEM that does something similar for the stove. I have it wired into the fuse box on the stove wiring. It has configuration options to define “off” at a certain wattage. If it reports wattage, it wouldn’t be too hard to write a device type or app.

Went to two Lowes in the SoCal Riverside area… one of them had a few of the switches left, but they wouldn’t price match. However, just up the road was another Lowes and they had to call the manager, but since they were non-stock they said they WOULD match the $9 price so I scored 3 of the wall dimmer switches for $9 each. The switches were in a drawer in the hardware department and not out… so I had to ask and show them the package photos so they could see what they looked like. THANK YOU for the heads up to everyone on this great deal! Going to try a few more Lowes tomorrow, especially now that I have my own physical receipt I can use to try and price match with.

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