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What do you mean by cap? Are you talking about how you wire the switch?

@techvudu does the switch have a means to cut the power to it easily once installed like the GE’s?


Do you mean an air gap tab?


As for wiring, you can both ‘hook and screw’ or poke the wires into holes, is that what you mean by cap?

The DragonTech WD100 (dimmer switch) does have an airgap switch, the WS 100 (binary rocker switch) does not.

And yes, on the connections, the DragonTech give you a choice of two ways to make the connection.

I live in California, we have minor earthquakes, I have the probably delusional notion that screw connections shake loose more often. :scream:

The one I posted is the GE version, it looks identical to the DragonTech one, so they both have both ways to wire them.

Bestbuy has the Harmony Home Control on sale for only $79.95 ($70 off) edit: as of 10/19 price is now $99.99 ($50 off)

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Harmony Ultimate Home Control for $249.99 ($100 off)

I think one of the common uses ( at least for me) is to put inside the boxes of ceiling lights/fans that do not have a neutral wire at the switch.

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The Dragon switches look like copies of the Jasco/GE switches and for the price i wouldn’t touch them! I’ve seen how bad rip off China stuff can be, think apple iphone power bricks!

There is only one way to connect the wire on these, push the wire into the hole and tighten the screw. These are not the same as the crappy push connectors most contractors use to wire houses. I had to go around and rewire my whole house due to poor connections at the sockets. I had plugs melt, and nothing was plugged into them!

@RottenMutt, I’m confused. I got a couple of the GE 3-way switches tonight at lowes. The packaging was most definitely GE. The p/n on the switches was z4003 and z4001 (something like that). The only way to connect the wires on this was to put it in the hole and tighten the screw.

Are you saying the Dragons are like this too? or are they the crappy ones that you push in the hole and have to find something small enough to go in the slot to release the wire?

Most electrical equipment, including the legitimate Apple stuff, is made in Asia these days.

If the specific device is UL listed (and you feel confident it’s not an actual counterfeit) it should be electrically safe.

If it’s not UL listed, no matter where it’s made, you’re taking a big risk. (The DragonTech are UL listed.)

Judging from the pictures submitted with the certification application, it looks like the Dragon tech line is made by the same company that makes the GE switches, but they are an updated model and they may be a special white label for a particular Z wave distributor.

They certainly don’t look to be any worse quality than the GE. And they’re probably made on the same production line.


I would like to see a teardown first. when they cost as much as a name brand, i don’t see the benifit. at least with GE and Jasco they are established companies with proper engineering in the US.

you misunderstood, you tighten the screw to hold the wire, no spring! Much better then the spring ones which nearly burnt down my house…

The DragonTech certification models were made by Jasco. Check the back of the device, it should say, but it looks like the retail ones are as well.

The ripoff apple chargers are marked UL listed!

here is one article on the apple chargers… iPad charger teardown: inside Apple's charger and a risky phony

i will tearapart a GE model and post pictures if you will do the same to a dragon switch :smiley:

Counterfeits are a huge problem in electronics, no question. :scream: (They’re as bad as “authentic” jerseys!) It’s why I personally never buy electronics off of eBay. And “DragonTech” is one of those names that is very attractive in both Chinese and English, which means counterfeiters will like it because it will sell on the name alone.

So speaking just for myself, I would consider DragonTech devices, but only when purchased from a reliable retailer with a good returns policy.

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Today only (10/19) is having a sale on LED rope/tape hybrid lights. Not really a HA thing but you can plug it into a switch, right? From $3-$22 You can connect up to 105 feet.


Here is a link with more info on the particular switch in question. Notice they are selling for $39.99 ($5 more than you can get an equivalent GE switch on Amazon)

Full disclosure: I bought 3 of these (on eBay) (arriving today). So I will be giving them all kinds of scrutiny before installing.

Cool stuff! Got 2 6 footers.

Ok. Here is my report on the DragonTech switches.

  1. They are the EXACT same size, shape, etc. As the GE switches. The plastic and toggle feels the EXACT same. If they didn’t have DragonTech printed on them I would swear they were GE. Well, except the lack of air gap.
  2. They came package in a sturdy little box. Nothing as elaborate as the GE switches with the extra cover and neutral wire. Nothing bad; just … Different.
  3. I hooked up two of them. Again; exactly like the GE switches.
  4. Ok, now a difference; the LED is white.
  5. Pairing; no issues.
  6. Works great!
  7. Pulled out my thermal camera. Looked at a on/off temperatures and reported below how many degrees above ambient they were:
    a. GE switch - 1 deg hot
    b. GE dimmer - 2 deg hot
    c. Leviton switch - 4 deg hot
    d. Leviton dimmer - 10 deg hot :open_mouth:
    e. Dragon Tech - 2 deg hot
    f. Regular switch - 0 degree different