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They are technically matching other Lowes but many managers at different Lowes won’t match stating that they do not have a policy to match other Lowes, only other stores that carry the exact same inventory and have them in stock. So YMMV depending on who you talk to. The Lowes near me refused me the discount two weeks ago but then I found out on this board that they offered it to another customer just this past week.

I’ve been eyeing the doorbell cam and would love to place an order but I’m yet to see a single user review online. Amazon says it is not in stock. I don’t like the skybell option due to poor reviews, the ring doorbell does not have an on-demand camera view and I hate monthly fees.

Apple is selling the new Phillips hub for $39.95 now.

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Now if Apple will accept the $30 off for people with old hub, then you have a real bargain

Non Dimming metering 3 way wall switch Was 43 now 26

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Well the wait is over to see what the ST bundle is at BB .

Of course Amazon is Price matching the $199

I’ve been wanting to start with Smartthings. Is this a good deal to get Home Monitoring Kit now that it is $199? Or would you start with the hub only and buy other brands for the sensors? It seems that the all of the box items separately are worth $274 but not sure if other brand items are better.

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Yes there are " cheaper" alternatives for sensors. The key word is cheaper .
The Hub alone is $99 and you would be very hard pressed to find the 4 included sensors regardless of brand for < $99 . So IF you are looking for ST V2 hub, than yes this is a pretty good deal. You are right that you are paying for the outlet and motion, getting the 2 o/c free.


Is this a good/reliable switch compared to the GE? I’m tempted by the price, only have used GE on/off and dimmers in the past however.

GE switches are a value brand in the zwave world. Enerwave is a notch below that in engineering quality. Just depends on what you want for any particular project.

Pretty sure you can read the A-Z reviews ( only 8 of them ) , ranging from the best thing since sliced bread to they burst into flames and caught my house on fire. Not sure I would risk the later to save $10 honestly.

There are published reports of Enerwave devices sparking when not installed according to specs. You really need to understand what you’re doing when you put in very cheap switches. They are UL listed, so if you follow the manufacturer’s exact instructions as far as load, type of light, wiring instructions, all that, you should be OK for the warranty period.

But these are not “let’s try it and see what happens” kind of devices because they won’t have the same safety features as the more expensive ones. Well, actually you should never do a “try and see what happens” with home wiring, but you know what I mean.

Quite often in United States, the cheaper the device the more you need to know to use it well, but that isn’t always what happens.


Good deal on the harmony touch for $99?

I don’t know about the price, but be aware that the touch model is just the handheld remote. It does not come with or work with the hub, and therefore does not integrate with ST.


Not really you can get Harmony home for $99 from BB or Amazon, $75 on Fleabay if you’re lucky.[quote=“dplehman, post:990, topic:17374, full:true”]
Good deal on the harmony touch for $99?


Just to be clear, is this remote the same one they sell with the Ultimate Home set? I have the hub and am interested at this price if that is the case.

I hadn’t thought so, but maybe. Check out this chart on Logitech’s site:

I can’t keep all the product names straight anymore, but if you can decipher it, it seems like that will give you the answer.

Haha, yeah, product names are messing with me here.
Can’t decipher, looks like Crutchfield has a 60 day return policy though so might go ahead.

Ordered the Home Kit plus 2 additional sensors from Amazon. Shipped to Canada was 327US. Shipped to US was 312US to my postbox. Paid a little more to avoid the drive for now.
Unfortunately it will be close to $450CAD once the Credit Card company ******* me with their fees over the crazy exchange rates we have right now.

I’d be interested. I need some switches that don’t need nuetrals