Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Amazon has “up to” 50% (mostly 30-40%) off their home automation store today


NOT helpful!!! :wink:

(Plus 20 char.)


Thanks Kevin for the heads up on Amazon. FYI, the Kwikset 910 lock is part of the sale…$120, which is quite a bit cheaper than what I paid a few months ago for mine via Amazon.

To the people who were successful with the Lowes deal, did you just need the picture from @TexAMR or did you need a copy of a receipt also?
I checked this morning at my Lowes and they had everything but at normal prices. Does anyone have a copy of their receipt they would not mind PMing me?


American Lighting LED Rope/Tape Hybrid Lights $3-$22 up to 45 feet is on sale again today (Nov 9) only.

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My Lowe’s had them marked on the shelf at regular price. I went to the customer service desk with @TexAMR’s photo - “My ‘friend’ sent me this from another store.” At first they said “We don’t price match”, then she scanned one item and said “wait, these are a non-stock item, we can match those”. So I said hold on, went back to the shelf and picked up more switches. Someone else was at the desk 2 seconds later when I got there, and she said she couldn’t do it. I pointed to the other lady I spoke to and said she told me she could. They discussed for a minute and the original lady repeated as before, " these are a non-stock item, we can match those". So I got my discounted stuff! Oh, and because I bought more than 2 or 3, I even got some kind of contractor discount!. So my dimmers were $9 per!


Now that the new hue 2.0 HomeKit – enabled bridge is starting to be widely sold, a number of places, including Best Buy, are putting the old hue starter kits with two white – only “Lux” bulbs on clearance sale. ( The old hue lux line is being replaced by the new “Hue white” which cost less and is also 33% brighter.) most places seem to be charging $56 for this.

If you know that you will never want HomeKit integration, and you’re OK with the bulbs that only go to 600 lm, then this is a good deal.

The old Hue bridge is round. The new bridge is Square. Both work with SmartThings, and both work with both old and new Hue bulbs.

Does this thing work with SmartThings? Or do we need a custom Device type?

Man, I was at my Lowes on Saturday and didn’t see any of these GE switches on the shelves anymore. Must be one of you guys clearing them out :stuck_out_tongue:

I only showed them the picture of the boxes with discounted prices. They were more than happy to oblige. I didn’t ask for a manager just went up the customer service desk and asked if they were willing to match a price at a different lowes that is a non-stock item.

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I picked up 2 of the " old" hue kits from BB last week $55 each, I think I posted a link earlier in this thread since up until now it was limited to in store pick-up , now they will ship them ( everything ships free) for the same $55.
Finally made it to Lowes and no love. I did have to laugh because the old stock is still on the shelf at the old prices ,right next to the new stock at the new lower prices. GE outdoor modules for example old stock in the plastic clamshell $39.97, 2 hooks over the new stock in the new boxes is $34.97 .

Did you ask to price match? The plastic clamshell products should all be ‘no-stock’ now. Thus the store would likely be willing to pricematch to get rid of them. Or is that what you meant by ‘no love’?

My store still had them listed as stocking so would not price-match even though they said all the stores in the district are going to non-stock. Go figure…

No go for me either. Mine has plenty and is listed as a non-stock item but they said they do not PM clearance items. I checked my other Lowes which had nothing, not even a place for them which leads me to believe they sent them all back or got rid of them earlier. I am hoping my main Lowes will eventually mark them down and not send them back, I will be stalking them everyday :smile:
If anyone has any extra they want to get rid of I am willing to take them off your hands and will pay shipping too :smile:

Great luck for me at my local Lowes’. I showed the head cashier at the Customer Service desk the picture of the discounted items and receipt from upthread and told her a friend of mine got that deal and I was hoping this store could match the price since they’re being phased out. She looked them up and then said she could. So I asked if her I could go grab some more then so I cleared them out. Ended up getting 4 dimmer switches ($39), 3 sets of 3-way switches ($45) and one outdoor plug ($39) for $10 each - all in the clamshell packaging. Spent $83 total, which is a ridiculous deal. Thanks guys. Good luck


I finally found the clearance bin in the electrical aisle at my Lowes and it had a few old GE products, but they wouldn’t price match. Perhaps I’ll have to try again later with a different shift.

Tried again this morning figuring I would get a different employee and was shot down again, saying they dont PM other stores. What sucks is they have a bunch of the items.

Would anyone be willing to pm me a receipt with the outdoor module. I was able to get a couple dimmers using one of the previous receipts on here but no go on the other module. Thanks in advance

I would like a receipt w/ an outdoor module as well. Does anyone else have receipts they can PM me? I showed the pictures, but i needed the receipt at my Lowe’s.

For those that have gotten the Lowe’s deal we’ve all been talking about, I have a question about logic and/or wording…

At mine (been to a few of them), they all say the same thing…something like,
“We do not pricematch other Lowe’s stores. Doesn’t matter if it’s stock, non-stock, whatever. We just don’t do it, because every store is on its own phase-out plan, and if somebody is doing it out there, then they are breaking the rules, and should not be doing it.”

Question = Is there any wording or logic I could use to get around that, or is this simply a YMMV kind of thing?

Oh, thanks again to @TexAMR for the heads-up, and congrats to the winners! :slight_smile: