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At least now nobody can call me the “enabler”. I have lost that title to you…:wink: if you don’t accept the title then I can retain the “enabler” title but you guys are seriously compulsive buyers! :wink: posted with utmost respect…


Funny thing is… I don’t even need the dimmers… but at 10 bucks a piece, I’ll find a place to put them!


no go for me. checked two stores and they said priced as marked (original, crazy high prices). something about how the different stores are on different phase out systems or something. will keep checking…

Stuff from Honeywell is 20% of on Amazon.
There’s also some Leviton and Lutron stuff u.

I went to another local Lowes. Same story. Manager said our region has not discounted them yet. This store had them out and visitble (last one was already unshelved). He said he expects GE to buy them back. Bummer.

Hello from Canada. I’ve been buying my GE switches from the USA anytime I go over. Saw this and convinced the wife to go shopping today. They were marked at normal prices, I brought em to customer service and showed them the pic. I told em my buddy sent this from his local lowes last night and they matched it. Grabbed some more stuff too, on/off for my bath fan and an iris motion to play with. I want to use a dimmer as an on/off for my laundry room flourescents, it says on the back not for flourescent lights. I’m assuming though if used as a dimmer?

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Dimming switches “ramp up” and “ramp down”, so even if you turn them on at 100%, they still dim through the process, which will ruin your fluorescent bulbs. A device marked as an on/off switch truly is just on and off.


Didn’t see HA clearance at my local Lowes yesterday. Do they have it close to the Iris displays?

Ok, so last night I went to the lowes closest to home. The manager was more than happy to match the price, until he realized the receipt was from a different store. But he did match the price on two dimmers he had in stock. Said I had to go to the store I bought the others at.

So, here I am note at that store. The manager gave me some bs about they only match in the same region. So I asked well the store across town matched, you gonna match them?

He then spurred off about no direction from above and that those stores are just being more aggressive and this store isn’t like that… So, all I got is a bunch of bs…

And on that note, I’m returning everything I bought here and I’ll buy my stuff elsewhere at a higher price.

I believe service and quality earn my patronage. So this store is getting several hundred dollars added to their returns list.


Each store is different. Sometimes there’s a rolling cart with clearance stuff, but at mine, there was a clearance shelf section in electrical department near the lamps

Oh I agree that each is different and they aren’t obligated to this.


After I made the earlier post I talked to my wife. I sent her to this store this past summer to pick up 300 landscaping bricks. After the store loaded them she noticed they were priced higher than the store across town. She asked them to adjust the price and they refused.

Once they realized she was serious about them unloading the truck for the return, they suddenly found the ability to do a price match.

This just shows me that they aren’t customer oriented and do not care about a customer.

Personally, I will pay more for the quality service. I will also drive farther for that service. I know not a lot of people are like that and in today’s world most customers just say ok and won’t do anything about it. I on the other worked very hard for my money. I have the time to drive elsewhere and I can afford the higher price tag.

Sorry for the rant… I also can’t stand pressing one for English and refuse to talk to a machine when I call customer service. I really hope that someone gets to hear the wonderful things I say until a human picks up… Maybe this is why people think I’m an ass? Meh, don’t care…


I found the dimmers in the iris display area and the outdoor module in the electrial isle by a ip camera display.

Sorry to have caused everyone so much trouble with Lowes! Really can’t believe that some places will match and some won’t. Obviously has nothing to do with regions. Was it the actual store manager Jason, or just on duty one? If you return them, could probably send your wife in the next day, find a different manager and get the deal. Lol

Yeah, it was the MOD… But honestly, that store can KMA…

Happy to report my local lowes gladly without blinking an eye matched the pictures prices. Picked up 4 dimmers(old style no neutral!) and 1 plug (all they had in stock). The next closest lowes is an hour away and I’m tyring to find a reason to make that 70 mile trip…

Edit: silly me, I almost forgot to thank @TexAMR for letting us know!

Dude! You haven’t caused any trouble! You’v made it so a lot of folks saved a lot of money! Hell, my local store gave me a deal on the 2 dimmers I bought last night… 10 bucks each!

We can’t win them all.

I went to my local store after dealing with the J/A at the other one… and spent my money there. I’ll return the 400.00 worth of stuff to the other one tomorrow.

Nice to see you guys are having early Xmas. Remember not to install them right at Christmas and crash ST cloud! I need my decorations on :smile:


I feel just the same. If I don’t get a fair treatment someplace I dump the place even though I have to shell out a little more dough. I once quit a job with 135 dollars in my bank. Luckily they had to pay me If I remember correctly a few weeks of salary. My missus didn’t work then and we were just the two of us in this country with no family to help us. We lived in an apartment and sold off anything we could till I got the next job including my favorite Sony camcorder… :slight_smile:

I agree… My dignity and self respect is with most than any discount.

Curious question for those with success at Lowes: did you only buy the clamshell GE products…or the ones in the boxes (or both)?
My local Lowes only has the ones in boxes, but don’t know if those are new or old…but they certainly are not at a discount…and the prices are a little different (37.99 versus 39.99, for example).