Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

None of my four Lowe’s will do the price matching. I’d love a few outdoor modules to run our roof heaters this season.

The GE devices are full price at my Lowe’s…no budging. I already have one of the outdoor switches…works fine.

has anyone tried Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor? will they connect to ST?
they cost only $ 9.48 and they are supposedly Zigbee devices.
door sensor

there’s also a set for $50 with a wireless button, the door sensor, a presence sensor and a hub/light/speaker(doorbell)

The Xioami original line are Zigbee, but not compatible with SmartThings. They use a proprietary encryption layer. They’ll only work with their own controllers.

SmartThings uses the zigbee home automation 1.2 profile (ZHA 1.2) So you want to look for devices that are certified to that.

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thanks, you saved me 50 bucks. :sweat_smile:

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Good deals at my Lowe’s too. 2 dimmers, 2 outdoor switches, and 2 Nyce tilt sensors for $25. They were all on a 90% off managers special.


Agggh! You guys are making me want to stalk my local Lowes and walk up and down the aisles like a “zombie” looking for fresh blood.


been there, done that lol

Looks like i will have to return the tilt sensors though. They paired but show “open” constantly. Then I read the ST support article that said the Nyce sensors for Iris will not work with ST. It’s a separate Nyce sensor that ST uses.

No such luck at my Lowes in S California, even though the mfg part #'s were identical, they kept insisting that the Lowes item number was different and that this was the new stock. Oh well, you just can’t get good help these days. Maybe I’ll try another Lowes. Too bad that they won’t price match each other.

I went to my local lowes, where I normally but my stuff. The manager was more than happy to help me out. I told him I’d be happy with a lowes gift card (that’s incentive for them). But then he realized that I bought them at the store across town… So, no joy there…

But, he did give me the deal on 2 more dimmers. 20.00 well spent and I’ll go across town tomorrow to see if I can get the rest… I might just return them and rebuy them.

So, total savings so far ~ $60.00.
Potential savings tomorrow ~ $150.00

Thanks @TexAMR

Thank you very much @TexAMR! I bought 14 devices today at $10 each. I had to go to several different locations to get my “loot” but you saved me well over $350. Much appreciate you posting about the sale.

For those of you getting denied on the price match, make sure you ask the manager to look at the details of the item to verify it’s a “non stock” item. This means the item is discontinued and they won’t be getting anymore. I also indicated these are the older models as the managers are aware of the Iris remodel.

Darn, I was soo close. I had eight of these in hand, but was denied. We had to find them up on the high shelfs, in boxes with the item number. When I talked to the manager he explained that he couldn’t discount them, but took my name and number and will get back with me on Monday to see if it could be done after checking with a supplier or something since the were slated to be bought back.

At least now nobody can call me the “enabler”. I have lost that title to you…:wink: if you don’t accept the title then I can retain the “enabler” title but you guys are seriously compulsive buyers! :wink: posted with utmost respect…


Funny thing is… I don’t even need the dimmers… but at 10 bucks a piece, I’ll find a place to put them!


no go for me. checked two stores and they said priced as marked (original, crazy high prices). something about how the different stores are on different phase out systems or something. will keep checking…

Stuff from Honeywell is 20% of on Amazon.
There’s also some Leviton and Lutron stuff u.

I went to another local Lowes. Same story. Manager said our region has not discounted them yet. This store had them out and visitble (last one was already unshelved). He said he expects GE to buy them back. Bummer.

Hello from Canada. I’ve been buying my GE switches from the USA anytime I go over. Saw this and convinced the wife to go shopping today. They were marked at normal prices, I brought em to customer service and showed them the pic. I told em my buddy sent this from his local lowes last night and they matched it. Grabbed some more stuff too, on/off for my bath fan and an iris motion to play with. I want to use a dimmer as an on/off for my laundry room flourescents, it says on the back not for flourescent lights. I’m assuming though if used as a dimmer?

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Dimming switches “ramp up” and “ramp down”, so even if you turn them on at 100%, they still dim through the process, which will ruin your fluorescent bulbs. A device marked as an on/off switch truly is just on and off.